Travelling Television: Meet the LG StanbyME Go

Portable electronics have defined both the end of the 20th century, as well as the beginning of the 21st. Phones changed the most, shrinking from classic, antennae-sporting models to chunky sidekicks before settling on today’s razor-thin smartphone silhouette. Similarly, laptops grew leaner and lighter, smoothing over the transition from in-office work culture to remote and flexible schedules. It’s thanks to the portability-obsessed aughts that we can enjoy modern amenities — social media, QR-code menus, international video calls, to name a few — from virtually anywhere. Until recently, however, a truly portable television remained elusive. With the new LG StanbyME Go, television learns to travel.

Billed as a ‘lifestyle’ device, the StanbyME Go prioritizes function. Accordingly, the touch screen is quick to master, with an intuitive interface comparable to a tablet — swipe to control volume, brightness, and navigation. (Or simply use voice commands. Whatever floats your boat). It has a familiar home screen to load with streaming apps and games. There’s even a web browser to boot.

LG Standbyme go feature

Aside from convenience, the StanbyME Go has little in common with existing tech. Measuring twenty-seven inches across, laptops and tablets can’t compete with its viewing experience. And, unlike other SmartTVs, the screen rotates for horizontal and vertical viewing; a stand and phone cradle come included. Meanwhile, three-way optimized sound ensures an immersive listening experience.

Advanced technology and accessible design are enough to distinguish the StanbyME Go from the rest of the pack. Yet, the device’s portability — perhaps its most innovative quality — seals the deal. Taking a road trip? Three hours of built-in battery time will surely put your mind at ease. In fact, the television was made for seamless travel, no matter the terrain. Before launching, the StanbyME Go had to pass military-grade testing for shock absorption, extreme temperature, and dust, among others. After all, if you’re going to invest in portable, you can’t skimp on durability. Built into a sleek carrying bag for ultra-fast packing, the product has longevity — and wanderlust — in its DNA.