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Her Position

Her Position: Dominatrix

Delving into the deep dark world of dominatrixes isn’t as intimidating as one might think. And it isn’t as easy, either. It took several calls and emails to dominatrixes around the city before Mistress Eva agreed to meet for a casual coffee (whips and chains weren’t part of the deal). Standing almost six feet tall—without the enormous heels she sometimes wears, at a client’s request of course—with long blonde hair and features I can only describe as luscious, Mistress Eva is a true purveyor of kink.

“Once I know the ground rules, I tell them to shut the fuck up.”

Self-employed with a ‘dungeon’ in her own home—“If you want to see it, that will cost you”—she has been dominating men and the occasional woman for close to ten years. She developed a knack for spanking, scarring and humiliating after recognizing a “lifelong love of kink” that started in her early teens. Now, she charges by the hour and offers an a la carte menu of explicit BDSM (bondage, discipline and sadomasochism) practices and makes sure that every client leaves happy…painfully so. Read More

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The Boots You Need

The Best Boots For Fall

There’s no combination as reliable, as smart or as masculine as a pair of rugged leather boots worn with tough denim jeans. And with fall creeping up fast, they’re also the perfect combination for transitional temperatures. These are the best boots for fall, 2014.

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