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Daily 5: June 26th, 2015

1) Singer gets their hands on a Porsche 911 Targa

2) Remote-control 4-seater airplanes are only 5 years away. Our willingness to fly in an unmanned aircraft may take longer

3) Want proof that fashion repeats itself? This 1970s Patek Philippe watch looks strikingly familiar

4) It’s Pride week in Toronto… and everywhere in the U.S. too—our southerly neighbours just legalized gay marriage across the board

5) Speaking of legal things… how about a flamethrower?

Sharp List: Briefcase by Dior Homme

Structured briefcases will always have a place in the working world, but more and more designers are experimenting with their own interpretation of the traditional businessman’s bag. Take this handsome number from Dior Homme, for example. Read More

Daily 5: June 25th, 2015

1) The Ferrari F40: LEGO edition, removable engine included—because no, we never really do outgrow this stuff

2) Luxury watches paired with their automotive counterparts make wine pairings feel positively passé

3) Carey Price makes history at the NHL awards. (Caution: hide your wife—the guy cleans up real good.)

4) Bang & Olufsen’s Love Affair Collection gets a stylish new subwoofer we’re drooling over

5) Check out what negative space elements can do for a building’s aesthetic

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