A Woman You Should Meet: Janina Gavankar

Janina Gavankar is a self-proclaimed geek. At least, that’s what every other interview says about her. She’ll admit to an obsession for video games, Comic Con and the world of tech but maintains that ‘to geek’ is just to love. And boy, do geeks love her. In any incarnation. Whether it’s as a shape-shifter on True Blood or on the face of a trophy in The League, fans can’t get enough. We caught up with Janina at the Toronto release for Far Cry 4—a video game in which she voices a character—to chat about the game, her badass roles and, yes, Shiva Blasts.


Wearable Tech: Style Decoded

You’ve got a nice collection of accessories: beautiful leather shoes, belts to match them, a bunch of raw-silk ties and a drawer full of statement socks. They’re fashionable, sure, but what do they actually do? The latest crop of smart accessories not only add a dash of tech-savvy style to your look, they also offer everything from GPS navigation to workout advice…


Three Ways to Love Your Car

More than status, more than identity, more than anything else, cars represent freedom and possibility. And adrenaline and joy and even fear. They are vehicles for experience and adventure. While we will always admire a well-made automobile, in the end, it’s not really about the car, it’s what you choose to do with it that matters. Here are three experiences you need to choose as soon as possible.


How to Wear a Moustache Like a Star (And Not Like an Idiot)

There are many reasons to attempt to grow a moustache: fashion, rebellion, being stranded on a desert island. But the most valiant attempts happen at a certain time of year, for a certain cause. Say what you will about the ‘stache, Movember is an unstoppable good-cause machine.

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