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A Man’s Nightstand

A man’s bedroom is sacred, it demands respect. As such, what you fill it with should be a reflection of the fact. Yes, you may spend the majority of your time there asleep, but the things you keep by your bed can say a lot about you and help ease you into the night. Class up your bedside with these essentials that every man should have.

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The Best Sneaker Shops in Canada

Sneakerheads. Chances are, you probably know at least one or have one in your extended social circles. Consider these guys experts in the world of sneakers, those who are willing to brave winter storms and sweltering summers to get their hands on the latest styles from Nike and co. For a gentleman looking to upgrade his weekend sneaker game, look no further than these approved establishments. Read More

The Sexiest Swimsuits of All Time

It was an “itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini” that the shy girl wore to the beach but was too afraid to come out of the water wearing – or so the song goes. Believe it or not, two-piece bathing suits were once shameful and shunned in society. But that was then and this now, thank god. Here we celebrate the women who wore their swimsuits with pride and applaud those that made the world a better place. Read More

How to Throw the Ultimate Bachelor Party

Nowadays, bachelor parties are veering away from lewd nights of debauchery and more towards exciting, unconventional experiences as a last hoorah of singledom. Yes, hitting the Vegas strip may be the quintessential destination for young bachelors, but why not try your hand at something a little more original? From chartered private jets to racing Ferraris on the racetrack, here are a few ways to up the ante before you get hitched.  Read More

The Best Ice Cream in Canada

Nothing puts the punctuation on a great summer day more than a delicious ice cream cone. Before you stop off at your local Ben & Jerry’s, consider going local with your secret neighbourhood parlour. They’re serving up unique flavours (balsamic blueberry, anyone?), homemade cones and even vegan options. Between picking cookies for a make-your-own ice cream sandwich, choosing from 218 flavours or just deciding to have a regular cone (or an ice cream taco), summer just got epically better. Read More

Toronto FC Goes Bespoke

Today’s generation of athletes aren’t just the best on the field, they also happen to be some of the most dapper individuals off of it. From Beckham to Lundqvist, the world of sports has always had a relationship with fashion. Now, that connection is stronger than ever as athletes are becoming style icons themselves. Yesterday, we caught up with the master tailors over at Garrison Bespoke as they debuted their exclusive partnership with the Toronto FC and continue to redefine the look of sports. Listen to what Michael Nguyen (CEO of Garrison Bespoke), Stephen Caldwell (Captain, Toronto FC) and Andrew Wiedeman (Forward, Toronto FC) all had to say about the experience. Read More

VIDEO: Zach Braff Talks About Filmmaking Taste With “Wish I Was Here”

After his critically acclaimed feature film directing and writing debut in 2004 with Garden State, Zach Braff is back with his latest hands-on independent project Wish I Was Here. The soul searching film was heavily backed by a publicly funded Kickstarter campaign and features Braff as a father struggling to find work as an actor.

Listen to Braff speak to us about filmmaking taste and why he decided to opt to create another indie movie. Read More

How To Dress For Your Size

The fashion industry is literally inundated with articles upon articles on how women should dress for their size to look their best. Little regard is paid to the bodies of men, but the different shapes and sizes that we come in are just as diverse. Because one size does not fit all, we’ve enlisted the help of Matthew Masciangelo, master tailor and CEO of Masciangelo Design Inc, to slip us the tricks of the trade that will have you looking your best no matter what. Read More