How To Wear a Turtleneck

Repeat after us: “This is the year I will look great wearing a blazer with a turtleneck.” Now once more with feeling. It’s no wonder the turtleneck got a bad rap, thanks to its close association over the years with Marxist Beatniks, Steve Jobs and others fond of low-maintenance wardrobes. But the roll-neck sweater has endured and is ready for its place in your wardrobe.


Editor’s Pick: Binge Watch This

The web series High Maintenance came to me through a colleague at Sharp, someone who knows how exacting my tastes are, especially where comedy is concerned. “You’re going to like this,” he said. And I did. I liked it a lot. Netflix has been doing great work of late, and Amazon’s Transparent is probably the best new show of 2014, but High Maintenance deserves its own special acclaim for being something entirely new. In its contemporary concept, in its indie execution, in its 5-20-minute episode format, in its accessibility (the first two seasons are free on Vimeo, the third will set you back eight bucks).

Movie Primer3

The 10 Best Movies in Theatres

The holiday season can be overwhelming. Gift giving, epic amounts of food, children running amuck. We get it. That’s why we wanted to let you know that there will be some unbelievable films in theatres just around the time you start to lose it. Take a break from family and food to sit in a dark theatre for a couple hours. You deserve it.

50 Gifts3

50 Gifts To Buy Yourself

For those who feared that they were men who, indeed, did have everything, that the world contained no more wonders, no lands left to conquer and all that, we offer this list, humbly, as evidence to the contrary. For every aspect of your life, from your home, your office, your cottage, your bar, here are a few things you don’t have yet. But, really, really should.

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