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Daily 5: April 1st, 2015

1) 3D-printed ice cubes of stunning landmarks in miniature make for an exquisite sip of whisky

2) Tommy Hilfiger’s penthouse condo is up for sale, and the price has just dropped to a cool 75M

3) America’s most expensive golf course opens today, and Donald Trump is behind it

4) Karl Lagerfeld’s cat made more than supermodel Cara Delevingne did last year. Damn

5) McDonalds hopes the new all-day breakfast will save the biz. We can’t believe it’s taken this long

The highlights from the 2015 New York auto show.

The 10 Must-See Cars at the New York Auto Show

The New York Auto Show is happening at this very moment and already there have been a huge number of incredible releases, even for the illustrious show. While there can be a lot to take in, there is something for everyone. If you happen to like speed (which, of course you do), the McLaren 570s is right up your alley, or if you’re more into luxury automobiles, Cadillac released their new flagship luxury sedan, the CT6. Here are the best cars at the New York Auto Show.

The Best Golf Gear

Hit the Green in Style: The Best Golf Gear of 2015

Once the snow melts and grass is visible, one’s mind can’t help but travel to the green of the golf course. But before you let your body follow, you’ll probably need to refresh your gear. Take a look at some of best golf gear to wear, swing and drive on the course this year.

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