10 Smart Luxury Hotels

As more and more people decide to really treat themselves on vacations, luxury hotels are slowly becoming a dime a dozen. This means that truly unique, smart-savvy hotels are emerging to the delight of tech lovers everywhere. Now, things that used to seem possible only in futuristic movies are here for our pleasure. An iPhone that shows you to your accommodations? Sure. A retina scan to enter your room? Why not? A 15-ft robot arm to sort through luggage? You betcha. Welcome to the future. Now may we take your bag, sir?


The 16 Best Kitchen Knives

At the height of barbecue season, the knife a man wields is as important as the grill he lights or the spices he rubs. In the winter, when slow-braising is the order of the day, this is no less true. A good knife is well worth the investment. With the right knife, one with style, balance and precision, you can create the perfect filet, carve a turkey with ease or slice a roast so evenly your guests will swoon with envy. With these, the best kitchen knives money can buy, you will be the tzar or the pot roast, the king of the capon. Long may you reign.

the 10 best suits to wear during winter months.

10 Suits for Winter

Frigid temperatures tend to not only take a toll on our person, but also on our wardrobe. More often than not, the snow and cold has us reaching for the sweats rather than the silk-blends. Luckily, thicker fabrics like tweed and wool-blends are coming out of the woodwork and promising to keep our body warm as well as help maintain our good style name. And that’s a silver lining to winter we can get behind. Here are the best suits for winter.

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