A Band Worth Listening To: The Arkells

Max Kerman and Tim Oxford of the Canadian rock band, Arkells, had just enough time to talk a bit of shop with us before boarding a plane to Germany. Fresh off a new album release, they took us through the process of recording their third album since 2008, High Noon. Read More

Hangover Cure

How to Cure A Hangover

You swore you’d never have to Google this again. But here you are. It’s ok. It happens to us all. And everyone has his own hangover cure. It might be something your family passed down, like a half-hour in the sauna, or something you invented yourself, like that raw-egg concoction you drank basically every morning in college.

As with everything else health related, theories on how to ease a hangover continue to evolve. We’ve gathered some modern solutions to one of the most ancient ailments of all: the hangover. Read More


How to Make Bald Look Good

You’re not alone. Most men in their 20s and 30s come to a realization that their hair isn’t as thick and luscious as it once was. Others experience receding hairlines or patches of baldness. While it typically takes around 15 to 20 years to go fully bald, there are men who will go from thick to Bic in just 5 years. Once your hair starts to diminish, it might seem easier (and less obvious) to buy a toupée or fashion yourself a comb-over. Fight the urge! There are ways to go bald with dignity and style. Read More

Dianne Guerrero

A Woman You Should Meet: Diane Guerrero

As a small and sassy convict, Diane Guerrero has a feisty attitude and a comeback for everything. She plays Maritza, on the wildly popular Netflix show Orange is the New Black, which has been nominated for 12 Emmy Awards this year. Even though she’s on complete lock-down when it comes to the third season that is currently filming, we chatted with the Colombian-American stunner about the cultural phenomenon that is OITNB, her character, her castmates and the beauty that is binge-watching. Read More

Medicine Cabinet

20 Things Every Man Needs in His Medicine Cabinet

A good arsenal of grooming products will set you up to begin or end your day in absolute style. You can learn a lot about a man from the products he uses (or doesn’t). A real man isn’t afraid to admit that he needs help maintaining his skin/hair/teeth/beard. We’ve gathered a list of the things you need to pack into your medicine cabinet to get your grooming habits at their best. And to impress anyone who snoops through it. Read More

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