A Woman You Should Meet: Hayley Hasselhoff

You never know what you’re going to get when you interview a model. Fortunately for me, talking with Hayley Hasselhoff (yes, daughter of David) proved to be a joy from the moment she boisterously asked how I was doing. Once we moved her excitement past my wellbeing, Hasselhoff chatted about being a plus-size model, the state of the industry and the best advice she ever got from dear ol’ dad.


Editor’s Pick: Cast Iron Cookware for Sturdy Winter Meals

Here’s a thing I always forget about winter: it’s cold. And it’s long. And the only thing that makes it any better is food — heavy, hearty meals that’ll put you into a hibernation-level coma, like root vegetable soups and lamb stews and roast chickens and stuff. But good, sturdy food requires good, sturdy cookware, which is why this winter, my girlfriend and I finally invested in a proper cast iron dutch oven. And yeah, it’s an investment. Very likely, one of these Le Creuset bad boys will be the most impressive piece of equipment in your kitchen cupboards, and if you treat it right it’ll last longer than anything else you own (dogs and children included).


Audi’s TT is a Design Icon

The R8 supercar is top of mind when Audi comes up in conversation, in no small part due to its role as Downey Jr.’s ride in Iron Man. A stroke of masterful product placement if ever there was one. Not since Dustin Hoffman and his little red Alfa Romeo Duetto has a character been more perfectly matched to his car.

How to Do A Burnout

Learning how to incinerate tires in a blaze of glorious smoke is not something they teach you in driver’s ed. But it is essential automotive knowledge, akin to driving stick, mastering heel-and-toe or planning the perfect road trip. Of course, the usual disclaimers apply: practice only on a closed course and at your own risk. Read More

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