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The 20th Century’s Most Stylish Artists

For the modern man, there are a handful of essential things that he should know – the fit of a perfect suit, the proper way to drink Scotch, and how to throw a football being just a few of them. Having a knowledge and appreciation for some of history’s most significant cultural icons is also something that every guy should have in his repertoire. From Warhol to Basquiat, take inspiration from these six modern masters whose style extended beyond the canvas. Read More

The Smart Home

At one point, homeowners were excited if their house had an automatic garage door opener. Now, thanks to astounding apps and new devices, almost everything in your home can be programmed to satisfy your every whim. A little boy’s dream of having as many cool gadgets as Batman is practically a reality now. Between a car elevator and a 3D printer that can make you almost any object you want, a smart home is the ultimate in luxury living. And it’s not just a dream anymore, either. Read More

Things A Man Should Never Wear: Shoes

No man is immune to a poor sartorial choice at one point or another in his life, but some are just worse than others. Style may start from the ground up, but if your go-to shoes are a pair of crocs then it may be time to reevaluate your life choices. In our ongoing series of things a man should never wear, we explore the realm of shoes and everything you should avoid from it. From square-toed dress shoes to ridiculous sneakers, here are 15 pairs of kicks to stay far and away from. Read More

A Woman You Should Meet: Edy Ganem

You may not be familiar with her now, but Edy Ganem is the stunning vision on the show, Devious Maids. While not quite as rebellious as her character Valentina, the California-born travel addict can admit that she’s committed some devious acts in the past. Here, she talks romance, working with producer Eva Longoria and sneaking off to Tijuana. 

Photography: Arthur Lang Read More

A Man’s Guide to Jewelry

For men, incorporating jewelry into your outfit can be tricky. While certainly an accessory that offers much variety and diversity, straying too far into this realm can often result in a look that comes off as cheap, tacky and of poor taste. Because not everyone can be like Johnny Depp (who can pretty much wear whatever he wants), we’ve put together a handy guide on how to keep things classy and on point without going too far into the deep end. Read More

A Man’s Nightstand

A man’s bedroom is sacred, it demands respect. As such, what you fill it with should be a reflection of the fact. Yes, you may spend the majority of your time there asleep, but the things you keep by your bed can say a lot about you and help ease you into the night. Class up your bedside with these essentials that every man should have.

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The Anatomy of a Watch

That luxurious timepiece on your wrist is more than just a beautiful accessory. It’s an astonishing work of horological craftsmanship. Like the human body, a proper watch is a complex organism built with a litany of vital mechanisms on the inside to maintain graceful, effective functionality. Read More

The Best Sneaker Shops in Canada

Sneakerheads. Chances are, you probably know at least one or have one in your extended social circles. Consider these guys experts in the world of sneakers, those who are willing to brave winter storms and sweltering summers to get their hands on the latest styles from Nike and co. For a gentleman looking to upgrade his weekend sneaker game, look no further than these approved establishments. Read More

The Sexiest Swimsuits of All Time

It was an “itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini” that the shy girl wore to the beach but was too afraid to come out of the water wearing – or so the song goes. Believe it or not, two-piece bathing suits were once shameful and shunned in society. But that was then and this now, thank god. Here we celebrate the women who wore their swimsuits with pride and applaud those that made the world a better place. Read More

How to Throw the Ultimate Bachelor Party

Nowadays, bachelor parties are veering away from lewd nights of debauchery and more towards exciting, unconventional experiences as a last hoorah of singledom. Yes, hitting the Vegas strip may be the quintessential destination for young bachelors, but why not try your hand at something a little more original? From chartered private jets to racing Ferraris on the racetrack, here are a few ways to up the ante before you get hitched.  Read More