Things A Man Should Never Wear: Camo Edition

Camouflage, as a fashion trend, is a lot like a monster from a horror film—in a good way. Every time you think it’s dead, it gets right back up. And at some point—whether it’s the sixth unnecessary sequel or the ninth straight season of men in camo pants—you catch yourself liking the damn thing. Or, not.

The point is this: camouflage is still around, still relevant, and that’s not changing any time soon. Remember that old saying about what to do if you can’t beat something? Read More


A Woman You Should Meet: Mikaela Hoover

You may not know her name but you’ve definitely seen Mikaela Hoover’s face. Typically cast as pretty, ditzy girls on shows like Happy Endings and The League, Hoover will surprise you with her comedic chops. With a cameo role in Guardians of the Galaxy under her belt this summer and a guest spot in a new web series Zombie Basement, she’s not taking any breaks. We talked to her about her love of horror movies, Kim Kardashian surviving a zombie apocalypse and the mock trailer for a movie we can’t even show you. Read More

Pocket Square

TIFF Style 2014: TIFF Hugo Boss Pocket Square

With TIFF 2014 just around the corner, HUGO BOSS is releasing their limited edition pocket square. All proceeds are being donated to TIFF’s Pocket Fund, a program that provides children and youth from underserved communities with teamwork- and leadership-boosting classes that give a glimpse into the world of film.

The pocket squares are available in BOSS stores across Canada. Read More

4K Tech

The Best 4K Tech

Just when you thought your state-of-the-art 1080p HDTV had the best quality money can buy, a new video format has come to knock it into Betamax territory. Ultra HD or Ultra High Definition is the next big thing in HDTV resolution. Originally known as 4K, Ultra HD (UHD) displays at least 8 million active pixels and offers four times the resolution of standard 1080p HDTVs. If you’re an early-adopter who loves to have the latest gadgets, you’re going to want the best 4K tech. Read More

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