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The Best Golf Gear

Hit the Green in Style: The Best Golf Gear of 2015

Once the snow melts and grass is visible, one’s mind can’t help but travel to the green of the golf course. But before you let your body follow, you’ll probably need to refresh your gear. Take a look at some of best golf gear to wear, swing and drive on the course this year.


Linda Cardellini is a Powerful Woman (And That’s Just One Thing We Like About Her)

I’m trying to discern what it is about Linda Cardellini that makes her impenetrable to cynicism. Or rather, makes her so good at penetrating it, the kind that accumulates in the brains or hearts (or wherever cynicism metaphorically builds up) in even the most seasoned consumer of culture. Because, it’s like a super power for her. She deploys it in every role, not to mention real life, too. It’s a part of her identity. She appears, and you suddenly, you’ve fallen for her.

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