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Fresh Off the Press

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The Manual

How Do I Burst My Political Filter Bubble?

As President Trump would say, it’s the first step in “heeling.”


9 Technical Streetwear Looks That Will Elevate Your Style Game

I'm on a new level.


The Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet Is a Superyacht on Wheels

It looks like money. Lots of money.

Daily 5

Liberal Ministers Go To Border to Warn Migrants Against Crossing: Here's What We're Reading

Plus: Inside Rebel Media's big money, anti-muslim crusade.

Daily 5

Trump Looked at the Eclipse: Here's What We're Reading

Plus: The Rebel's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week.

Sharp collection

CanCon 150 Reasons to be proud.

Mike Myers Is Too Canadian to Brag About What a Great Canadian He Is

His new book is a loving ode to our nation.


Canadian Pensions Are Funding Some of the World's Coolest New Skyscrapers

The improbable story of how this country's retirees became major players in global real estate.

Jason Priestley Is Way More Patriotic Than You’d Think

The ‘Private Eyes’ star remains a poster boy for time-honoured Canadian decorum.

Peter Mansbridge: “News Organizations Have Forgotten the Basics of Good Journalism”

The stalwart CBC anchor discusses his upcoming retirement, fake news, and why journalism is worth fighting for.


This Dalhousie-Trained Architect Is Changing the Face of Canadian Homes

Omar Gandhi’s designs tap into his surroundings, whether it’s the backlands of Nova Scotia or the ruddy brickwork of Toronto.

Jay Baruchel Never Wants to Leave Canada

God bless him for it.

Fresh Off the Press (Cont.)

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These Moonphase Watches Are Totally Eclipse-Worthy

One small step for a timepiece, one giant leap for time-keeping.

Daily 5

Steve Bannon Ousted From White House: Here's What We're Reading

Plus: Gavin McInnes and his path to the far-right.



The Manual

Supplements: Are They Bullshit? All of Them?

Will Alex Jones' Infowars supplements kill me?

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