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The Best of A Woman You Should Meet

We know how much everyone likes a good end-of-year roundup. We also know how much everyone likes pictures of gorgeous women. In an effort to please the masses, we’ve rounded up the best advice given to us from a year’s worth of A Woman You Should Meet Q&A’s. Our favourite women let us know their thoughts on everything from travel, life and, of course, men. Read, look and learn.


Heroes of Menswear: Saul Korman

If you’re going to visit Saul Korman at his menswear shop, Korry’s Clothiers on Danforth Avenue in Toronto, wear a suit.

It’s 25 minutes into my interview with the Canadian menswear legend and I find myself looking at my shoes. He’s just said something to the effect of “it doesn’t matter what a man is wearing if his shoes are dirty.” He’s not looking down, but I am. My boots, a pair of fur-lined leather lace-ups, are, in my defense, appropriate for the slushy winter weather, which has left a pattern of salty, muddy spots on the dark leather. Korman is wearing a 5-year-old, dark grey Canali suit with the pants cuffed, which he says he wore specially for me, though I’m not entirely sure why. I know he’s not judging me, but I can’t help but wish I had more carefully considered my outfit.

Channing Tatum3

It’s All a Game to Channing Tatum

Two moves in, Channing Tatum has already won. I successfully removed a block from the middle of the tower of small wooden bricks, but as I try to place it gently on the top of the tower, according to the dictates of the game, two blocks tumble from the top. If there’s one skill required to play (and win) the game of Jenga, it is steady hands. But, the dynamics of this particular game are a little uneven. He’s Channing Tatum. I’m not. I’m a little nervous. He says he is, too, but this is not honest.


How To Wear a Turtleneck

Repeat after us: “This is the year I will look great wearing a blazer with a turtleneck.” Now once more with feeling. It’s no wonder the turtleneck got a bad rap, thanks to its close association over the years with Marxist Beatniks, Steve Jobs and others fond of low-maintenance wardrobes. But the roll-neck sweater has endured and is ready for its place in your wardrobe.

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