Kevin Spacey House of Cards

Rabbit: The Other, Other, Other White Meat

At some point in the last century — probably sometime between Bugs Bunny and Roger Rabbit — we stopped eating rabbit. Now, thanks largely to our recent fascination with nose-to-tail carnivorism, a new generation of urban men are finally digging in to the stars of their beloved childhood cartoons. That’s what’s up, Doc.


The 10 Best Weekenders

When it’s time to ditch the city and make a break for the outskirts of town, you definitely don’t want a suitcase weighing you down. 

TV woman3

As Shot By Sharp: TV’s Leading Ladies

Mad Men’s Elizabeth Moss. Bloodline’s Linda Cardellini. The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan. Community’s Gillian Jacobs. All gorgeous women, all actresses on fantastic TV shows and all shot by yours truly. We went into our vault of lovely ladies to bring you some of our favourites from over the years. Look through the gallery now and re-binge watch their shows later.

Daily 5: April 24th, 2015

1) $119K gets you around the world in this brand new Four Seasons private jet. Here’s an exclusive look inside

2) Or perhaps this floating showroom yacht is more your speed

3) The “Dairy Milk Spectacular 7″ chocolate bar blends 7 of Cadbury’s best flavours into one bar. But they’ve only made 50

4) Strips of white fabric create this beautiful, mysterious art installation collab between Snarkitecture and COS in Milan

5) This 1953 Siata 300 BC Barchetta Ferrari may have caught fire on stage, but a little flame action won’t dissuade a true collector from buying it


Murder Most Fowl

Murder Most Fowl: How I Learned to Put Food on the Table

Even in rural Thornbury, on a windy hillside overlooking Georgian Bay, the late spring day was an unseasonable scorcher. And the heat did not work well with my outfit. Heavy boots. Lined, padded trousers. A matching waterproof jacket, its oversized pockets stuffed to bulging. Form-fitting goves. Cap and bill pulled down low and snug over a spandex balaclava that squashed my nose facewards until it throbbed and grew numb…

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