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How To Stay Fit (aka Awesome) This Winter

By: Sharp Staff|November 24, 2014



Brooks PureProject Thermal Jacket

Because workout gear doesn’t have to scream, “look at me! I’m exercising!” Brook’s PureProject Thermal jacket looks very nearly like your regular coat, but is made for running. Keep warm, look good.


Brooks Adapt II Gloves

Layers are key for cold-weather exercise. The Adapt II Glove has a retractable wind-and-water-resistant lining that protects your fingers when the weather gets nasty and peels back when you need to cool off. They’re also touchscreen friendly and come with a detachable LED light for nighttime activity.


Lululemon Keep Your Cool Toque

There will always be cooler hats than a skintight toque but few will keep your ears and head quite as warm. Made from Merino Wool, this toque is naturally sweat-wicking and temperature-regulating to keep you comfortable before, during and after your cold weather run.


Sugoi Firewall 220

Finally, a piece of clothing that will combat the winds that threaten to blow you right back into your house. Powerful wind protection comes from the new Firewall 220 fabric on the front of the legs. Nine inch locking ankle zippers make sure those winds don’t find another entry point.


Saucony Ride 7 GTX

A gym membership isn’t necessary. Ditch the excuses and pick up a pair of these runners, which have an insulated sock lining and a waterproof Gore-Tex shell to keep your feet dry and warm.


Nike Hyperwarm Flex Top

Throwing on a sweatshirt from you alma mater seems like a reasonably easy choice but the better one is this. The Hyperwarm Flex Top from Nike won’t impede your movements and will keep you both dry and warm for the duration of your workout. We doubt your old sweatshirt can say the same.


Darn Tough Herringbone Micro Crew Ultralight

Getting a blister can halt a work out fast. So naturally, someone did something about it. Made from Merino Woo, the Herringbone is an ultra-Light sock for runners and cyclists. Seamless construction reduces hotspots and blisters while ultra high stitch count creates a super comfortable sock with a streamlined fit. No slipping, no bunching, no blisters.



Having this versatile and simple piece of equipment at home could be the difference between working out on a bad-weather day and not. It’s not news that the TRX can get you a great workout just about anywhere. Sling it over a beam, hook, pole, whatever (the TRX Home package comes with an anchor, plus a guide to some workouts), and get shredded. Like free weights, suspension training activates your core and increases flexibility by causing you to make micro adjustments for balance.

TRX Home package, $200

Mind Push-ups

Marilyn Fitzpatrick, director of the counseling and psychology at McGill University, says that being mindful—anchoring oneself in the moment—is one of the best psychological tools for fighting depression, seasonal effected or otherwise.

“It sounds odd, because in winter we look around and we think, ‘what’s to appreciate?’” she says. “It’s grey, it’s dirty, it’s cold, but one of the realities of depression is that often it’s anticipating what is bad that makes it worse, whereas the actual moment itself may not be too terrible.”

She advises to think of mindfulness like physical training: if you work out once, you won’t get fit, but consistency brings results. Fitzpatrick also suggests “mindful walking” simply being in the moment and taking in all the senses on your way from A to B. This will help bring you back into the present and away from whatever’s worrying you.

Here are a few things to make outdoor exercise in winter more tolerable—pleasant even.

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