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6 Stylish Wallpapers

By: Sharp Staff|July 8, 2015




Maison Martin Margiela

The iconic fashion house branched into wall coverings last year, with a series of designs for the Belgian wallpaper brand Omexco. Think lots of trompe-l’oeil and geographic prints.




Thoreaux is a spin-off from Toronto-based branding and design firm Whitman Emorson. Starting a wallpaper brand in 2014 could be considered a bit twee and dismissive – if it weren’t for the 19th-century-inspired patterns being so, well, likeable.

Milton & King

The brothers behind Milton & King (the first wallpaper house to be conceived in Brisbane, Australia) wanted to make sure their brand was something that would make customers sit up and take notice. By embracing unique, digital patterns and using the highest-quality of paper possible, they’ve done the job.

Kirath Ghundoo

Based in England and famous for her geometric wallpaper, designer Kirath Ghundoo likes to infuse bold colours in her palette. While they can seem busy at first glance, Ghundoo’s designs are instantly recognizable and add pops of life in an otherwise bland industry.


This collection, sourced by a Finnish design firm from a pool of 300 artists, is all about large scale – like, really large scale – prints. One, by Luke Evans, is a high-res image of a slice of cow brain.


Owned and operated by a husband-wife team based in Jakarta, Indonesia, Linoluna collaborates with talented illustrators and designers to craft eccentric goods and beautiful objects. Their wallpaper designs range from modern and funky, to retro and vintage, for whatever look you’re going for.

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