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A Woman You Should Meet: Renee Olstead

By: Bianca Teixeira|October 30, 2015



Photo courtesy of Cameron Rad

Photo courtesy of Cameron Rad

Photo courtesy of Chris Evan

Photo courtesy of Lars Kommienezuspadt

Was theatre always the place you wanted to be? Is there a dream theatre role that you’d love to play?

I’d never done theater before Sherlock Holmes, but now I’m hooked! I would love to do Chicago. I would love to play Roxie Hart, as I believe her character has the most interesting arc and the best numbers!

What has been a career high for you so far?

There are too many to count. I love working. I’m happiest when I feel like I’m really pushing myself.

How is working with David Arquette? What’s the energy of the show like?

He’s hilarious and super sweet. He’s like a big kid…we’ve had a lot of fun so far!

What do you like to do when you’re not working? Is there something you do religiously to wind down after a live show?

I love vintage shopping! I try to find a unique treasure to bring home from every city on tour.

First of all, were you a fan of the Sherlock Holmes stories prior to this role? Do you have a favourite story or iteration?

Yes! I’m going to have to go with A Scandal in Bohemia. My character in the play, Lady Irene St. John, is actually an adaptation of a character featured in this story, Irene Adler.

The name Irene is very famous with regard to Holmesian mythology, but the description of her for this show sounds a little different. Tell me a little bit about your version of Irene and how she differs from what fans might expect.

Lady Irene is the subject of a different story line in our adaptation. She’s married to a British Lord. However, many qualities remain the same. She’s still an American and very much a femme fatale.

How is your prep for a stage show different than for a television show or movie?

A film tends to come together piece by piece…it’s a journey. With theatre, there’s a lot less room for error. There is no take two!

How do you split your time between music and acting? Is it a conscious decision or is it just as the projects come up?

A little of both, it depends on which projects come up and what feels like the right next step. Music takes longer. I feel like it takes me a lot more time to create a music project and pick a direction than to step onto a project and play a character.

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