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13 Gifts to Make Your Kid Love You the Most

By: Bianca Teixeira|December 4, 2015
Tagged With: Gift Guide, Sports, Tech



The Complete Calvin and Hobbes‘ Box Set

Calvin and Hobbes is an enduring classic that every kid should experience. This New York Times best-selling four-volume paperback edition includes every Calvin and Hobbes cartoons that ever appeared in syndication.


Mitchell Bat Co. No. 2 Baseball Bat

Handcrafted from solid maple in Nashville, Tennessee, this bat will go from being your son’s favourite plaything to a keepsake he hangs on his wall until it’s time to pass down to his kids.


Indigo Arctic Force Snow Bow

What kid doesn’t love a snowball fight? This toy will give yours more than a fighting chance at winning the next one. Load a snowball into the launcher, take aim, and watch it fly for up to 60 feet.


ArcKit 60

Building houses out of Lego is a thing of the past. This model home can be designed, built and modified into multiple structures. Each kit has been designed and tested by architects and includes 220 pieces. Not only will this kit keep a kid busy for days, it’ll also possibly make an architect out of them.


BB-8 by Sphero

We’re not sure if you’ve heard, but there’s a little movie called Star Wars: The Force Awakens hitting theatres soon. And BB-8, the film’s new droid, is about to become a superstar in his own right, so we’d advise that you get ahead of the craze and pick up this app-controlled replica that responds to voice commands before it’s too late.


Timberland Toddler Waterproof Boots

Baby-sized versions of adult apparel are always be funny: bow ties, newsboy caps and Timberlands. Yes, they’ll probably grow out of them in a few days, but you’ll get a good chuckle out of seeing the heavyweight boots on a tiny toddler who can barely even walk yet.



A hoverboard with TWO wheels? So 2015. The latest versions have one wheel, a Bluetooth compatible audio system and a battery that delivers a 10-mile range. Watching your kid cruise down the street will be the coolest thing you’ve seen since Back to the Future: Part II.


Guitar Hero Live

Set your kid’s inner rock star loose. The latest version of the ever-popular video game uses motion video to simulate a real-world concert from the perspective of the guitarist. Chances are, you’ll wind up “borrowing” it to show off all those Keith Richards stage moves of yours.


Modify Custom Watches

Kids like to dress like their parents, and it’s never a big deal to lend them a tie or a pair of shoes to play around in. But, we definitely wouldn’t advise letting your child wear your Rolex for the day. Instead, let them their own watch with Modify. With a sleek stainless steel face and a Japanese movement, the timepiece can be customized with graphics from your kid’s favourite Christmas flick.


Kindle Paperwhite

If the only way to get kids reading is to put the words on an easy-to-use device, then the Kindle has you covered. Super light and able to hold thousands of books, the Kindle Store has over 250,000 children’s titles to choose from, so you should hopefully never have to hear the dreaded words “I’m bored” again.



Hotel Doggy Gift Set

One surefire way to get a reaction out of your kids on Christmas morning? Buy ’em a pet. But be warned: that commitment requires gifts all its own. If you’re getting Junior a dog, stock up on gear from Canadian brand Hotel Doggy. This essential starter pack includes a toy, a luxe blanket and a stocking.


Cat Tetris Scratcher

If you opt for a cat, you’ll need to invest in something to keep them busy all day. This cat tetris tower is a win for everyone: your kitten will love to play on it, and its modern good looks will help it blend in seamlessly with the rest of your furniture.


Fishscape Fishbowl

If a four-legged friend seems like too much responsibility, then you can always go for the lazy way out with a fish. Put it in this striking hand-blown container, which complete with its own mountain range. And, if the day ever comes that you need to flush your gift, you can always reuse it for punch.


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