• Alabama-Shakes-high-res-med-press-shot-credit-Autumn-de-Wilde

    Alabama Shakedown: Why The Alabama Shakes Don’t Need Your Labels

    The Alabama Shakes are being hailed as saviours of the Southern sound. They’re having none of it.

  • Sequels8-Supertrooper

    The Un-Cynical Sequel: The Coming of Super Troopers 2

    Can you make a sequel of a movie that didn’t make any money? You can if you’re the guys from Super Troopers — as long as your fans are willing to help you out.

  • Sequels-bg

    3 Rules for Making a Sequel

    Ideally, audiences should feel like they’ve barely left the theatre before needing to go back in — how else could you get anyone to see 22 Jump Street? Then there are the follow-ups that arrive long after the original has receded into the mists of movie history…

  • Sequels7-Mad Max

    Why George Miller Remade Mad Max

    The Mad Max mastermind finally revisits his fire-spitting dystopia with Fury Road. It only took him three decades.

  • Sequels10-Why Sequels Matter none

    Why Sequels Matter

    Earlier this year, American Sniper’s US box office haul pushed past the $337 million mark, making it the highest-grossing film released in 2014. To understand what an anomaly that is, you can round out to top 15 highest-grossing films of last year: all but one is a sequel…

  • Mad Max: Fury Road

    10 Sequels To Watch This Summer

    A list of ten summer sequels and whether or not you’ll regret watching them.

  • ChuckEdited

    A Man Worth Listening to: Chuck Palahniuk

    He’s penned both a Fight Club prequel — a short story, “Expedition,” in his new book Make Something Up: Stories You Can’t Unread — and an upcoming sequel, Fight Club 2, in the form of a graphic novel. If it ain’t broke, keep beating it into a bloody pulp.

  • Dog

    Fatherhood: Dealing with Death

    One of the greatest life skills is talking about life’s end.

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