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    The Best Deaths in Game of Thrones

    With the news that George RR Martin has sanctioned the producers of season five of Game of Thrones to kill off characters who are still alive in the books, we’re coming to the realization that not even those of us who have read the books are safe. To celebrate the fact that anyone and everyone is at risk, we’ve listed our favourite deaths in the series so far. There are many. And even if you’ve read the books and know what to expect, they’re still shocking.

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    The 2015 Grammys: Best and Worst Dressed

    The Grammys are one of the most entertaining awards shows, thanks to two things: the great musical performances and the relaxed atmosphere that encourages everyone to have more fun with fashion. However, this doesn’t mean that anything goes—we give you a run-down of who managed to pull off a mix of polish and personality, and who needs to try harder next year.

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    The Best Moments From the 2015 Grammys

    Arguably the most entertaining awards show of them all, the 57th annual Grammy Awards took place last night. Hosted by LL Cool Jay (because of course they were) the show threw an impressive number of older acts into the mix to balance out all the times you inevitably said, “wait, who’s this?” AC/DC, Annie Lennox, Elo, Paul McCartney and more made for some memorable moments. Plus: Kanye being Kanye, Madonna’s backside and your favourite comedienne Kristin Wiig. All the best moments from the 2015 Grammys are here.

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    Fatherhood: Photo Op in the Danger Zone (How not to feel like Tom Cruise)

    I’m stuck in the Nevada desert—semi-hung-over in an airplane hangar that’s like all the scenes in Top Gun rolled into one: banners, bi-planes and a bar, shuffleboard and a jukebox that plays Kenny Loggins and the Everly Brothers (no Europe, thank God). And I’m pissed off at everyone. Well not everyone, but a lot of the guys I usually like: My three-year-old son, my dad, Tom Cruise, Kingsley Amis, and of course, my stupid self.

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    The 10 Best Super Bowl Ads

    With 30-second spots selling for as much as $4.5 million this year, the ads that run during the Super Bowl should live up to certain standards. But they can’t all be gems. In our roundup of our 10 favourite from years passed, we included ads that made us laugh or cry or fall in love with Adriana Lima. We also included some that are set to air this year and are sure to leave a mark. We call ‘em like we see ‘em.

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    The Six Best Online Stand-Up Bits, According to Jonathan Kite

    If the goofy mug at the top of this post looks familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen him dropping cheesy pick-up lines from behind the grill as the sexually charged cook Oleg on the CBS series, Two Broke Girls. Or, maybe you recognize him as the guy with that spot-on impression of Vince Vaughn—and spot on it is…

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    The Traveling Man: Berlin

    Twenty-five years after the fall of the Wall, Berlin steadfastly upholds the title of Germany’s hippest city, with more than its share of world-class cuisine, fashion and, of course, beer.

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    19 Insanely Luxurious Things

    Because we believe one should never have to compromise, we’ve gathered this list of Things (books, bikes, boats, destinations, drinks etc.) from the pages of our Fall Winter Book For Men.

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