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    PMS for Men3

    The After Hours Doctor: Is There Such A Thing As PMS For Men?

    While every man should have a doctor he trusts, sometimes you have questions that you don’t feel comfortable asking. (Is it us or does that white jacket just seem so judgmental?) Best case would be to have a drinking buddy who also happens to be an MD. You could ply him with questions without fear of embarrassment. That’s basically what this is. Only, no alcohol is involved. And he’s asked us not to call him “buddy.”

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    The Books You Should Have Read This Year

    Winter is the beach season for the mind. The time you flex your mental faculties to impress the bookish honeys with their dark framed glasses, MFAs, and discreet punctuation tattoos. But, that means you have to lift, bro. Literally, because a lot of the books you should have read this year are legitimate tomes. You can pick up the lightweight, Lee Child burner again when the sun comes out. Right now, it’s time to get huge, literarily speaking.

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    Channing Tatum3

    It’s All a Game to Channing Tatum

    Two moves in, Channing Tatum has already won. I successfully removed a block from the middle of the tower of small wooden bricks, but as I try to place it gently on the top of the tower, according to the dictates of the game, two blocks tumble from the top. If there’s one skill required to play (and win) the game of Jenga, it is steady hands. But, the dynamics of this particular game are a little uneven. He’s Channing Tatum. I’m not. I’m a little nervous. He says he is, too, but this is not honest.

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    Movie Primer3

    The 10 Best Movies in Theatres

    The holiday season can be overwhelming. Gift giving, epic amounts of food, children running amuck. We get it. That’s why we wanted to let you know that there will be some unbelievable films in theatres just around the time you start to lose it. Take a break from family and food to sit in a dark theatre for a couple hours. You deserve it.

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    50 Gifts3

    50 Gifts To Buy Yourself

    For those who feared that they were men who, indeed, did have everything, that the world contained no more wonders, no lands left to conquer and all that, we offer this list, humbly, as evidence to the contrary. For every aspect of your life, from your home, your office, your cottage, your bar, here are a few things you don’t have yet. But, really, really should.

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    A Man Worth Listening To: Aaron Sorkin

    You expect Aaron Sorkin to speak in a certain way. His characters, whether President Josiah Bartlet in The West Wing, […]

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    How outrage culture makes the Internet, and the world, go round

    Saturday September 13th, by complete happenstance Justin Trudeau, the closest thing Canada has to a political celebrity, thanks in equal parts to his parentage and his handsomeness, came upon a wedding group photo at the Hilton Hotel in Markham, Ontario. Famous politician that he is, he was asked by the photographer and by the bridal party if he wouldn’t mind posing with them for a few shots. In one picture, he is kissing the bride on the cheek.

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    Boy Gifts3

    13 Best Gifts To Give To Your Son

    Remember when Christmas was all about you? When the biggest presents under the tree had your name on them and everyone stopped what they were doing to watch you tear open the paper? Well, those days are long, long gone.

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