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    The Women of the 2015 Pirelli Calendar (NSFW)

    Fifty-one years ago some genius at the Pirelli tire company decided to up the brand’s public profile by producing a high-end, high-fashion, “corporate freebie” calendar, to be shot by the most influential photographers of the time, and include the sexiest women of the moment. Sure. Why not, right? How do you sell more tires? Sexy photos of beautiful women, of course.

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    William Ukoh credit

    The Year of the Beard (and Why I Shaved)

    I was at a launch party for a new beer. A man I had never seen before, a stranger, walked up to me and began stroking my face. Ordinarily, this would warrant a reaction—a deflection of the hand, an awkward syllable uttered in discomfort, a look along the lines of “Why are you touching me, strange man?”—but I didn’t budge. We locked eyes and he pet my face. It wasn’t the first time this had happened.

    Once my beard reached a certain length, strange things started happening. The Year of the Beard taught me a few things…

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    17 Lessons in Manhood from 13 Men Worth Listening to

    Advice is not hard to find. Everyone has an opinion, and this is not a new thing. What is new is the unprecedented number of channels via which we’re now able to broadcast these opinions instantly (and often with regrettable consequences) to the entire planet. It’s noisy out there. Our A Man Worth Listening To series exists as an antidote to the shouting and confusion…

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    Hamilton Celebrates Behind-the-Scenes Talent in Film

    The 8th annual Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards took place this weekend, celebrating of the appearance of Hamilton watches in […]

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    A Man Worth Listening To: John Cusack

    In the new ensemble film Maps to the Stars, John Cusack was given the opportunity to work with director David Cronenberg. As the chilling psychologist Dr. Stafford, Cusack embraces a dark storyline, the kind he’s never really gotten to sink his teeth into in films like American Sweethearts and Hot Tub Time Machine…

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    Celebs on Social Media3

    10 Celebrity Social Media Accounts to Follow

    Nearly one in four people use social networks to keep in touch with friends and family, share personal opinions on world matters and post pictures of their pets. Celebrities have also jumped on popular networking sites to interact with fans, as well as sharing their talents to the world on a more personal level. Whether it’s snapping bikini pictures on Instagram, or sharing hilarious stories on Twitter, these are the celeb social media accounts you need to be following…

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    New Pornographers3

    The New Pornographers are the Gods of Canadian Rock

    And they have a new, polite album to prove it.

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    Fatherhood: Falling Down

    When we first kicked around the concept for this column—that I’d learn to do all the things a man should know, before my boy is old enough to realize I don’t know how to do anything—Zev was about a year old. The idea came from one of my deepest fears of fatherhood: If he’s going to play hockey, he’ll need to know how to skate…

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