• Book for Men

    Sharp: The Book for Men Spring/Summer 2015

    Dapper suits, top-shelf drinks, fast cars— Sharp: The Book For Men Spring/Summer 2015 launched in style last Thursday night at the Ritz-Carlton in Toronto.

  • Culture
    Championship Boxing Belts

    Blood, Sweat and Gold: The Craftsmen Behind Boxing’s Championship Belts

    On a cold February day in 1809, thousands of people gathered in a dank patch of grass on Epsom Downs, a large slab of rolling fields outside of London. They came to witness Tom Cribb – the greatest bare-knuckle fighter of his era, and the man who reportedly survived a 500-pound-crate of oranges falling on his chest–pummell fellow pugalist Jim Belcher for 31 rounds. Cribb won…

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    Murder Most Fowl

    Murder Most Fowl: How I Learned to Put Food on the Table

    Even in rural Thornbury, on a windy hillside overlooking Georgian Bay, the late spring day was an unseasonable scorcher. And the heat did not work well with my outfit. Heavy boots. Lined, padded trousers. A matching waterproof jacket, its oversized pockets stuffed to bulging. Form-fitting goves. Cap and bill pulled down low and snug over a spandex balaclava that squashed my nose facewards until it throbbed and grew numb…

  • Culture

    Letter from the Editorial and Creative Director: The Value of Time

    When was the last time you had something repaired? Actually, when was the last time you owned something that could be repaired? Not too long ago repairing and refurbishing were part of the normal lifecycle of ownership. Now, when something breaks, it’s a sign that it’s time to upgrade to the new model. Planned obsolescence. They don’t make them like they used to. Do I sound like enough of an old man?

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    Down-N-Out in the South: Searching for Meaning One Burger at a Time

    Before I left LA for Mexico I found myself alone at an In-N-Out Burger in the San Fernando Valley, sitting at a terrazzo table under an unseasonably hot January sun watching traffic rumble by on the Hollywood Freeway. I was thinking about what I wanted. Not sandwich-wise, that was easy: (a double cheeseburger with onions, fries, iced tea), more about life in general. I had left Toronto with a backpack…

  • Cars & Tech

    The New Wearable Tech that Boosts Creativity

    Despite whatever Apple says about their iWatch, the most fascinating wearable gadgets hitting the market are ones that go beyond tallying footsteps and calories. That make you feel and think differently. Call them neuroenhancers—or, if you prefer something that doesn’t sound so ominous— thinkables.

  • Culture

    Trail Blazer Rx: The Future of Legal Weed in Canada

    Canada’s medical marijuana industry is about to get big. Why one former Bay Streeter has gone all in, and predicts nothing but high times ahead.

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    Athlete Instagram3

    20 Pro Athletes to Follow on Instagram

    Turns out our fascination with professional athletes is not limited to their actions on the field, rink, court or pitch. And thanks to their lucrative occupations and social media’s most voyeuristic medium, Instagram, we don’t have to stop watching when the cameras switch off. Most of these pros have enough flashy cars, adventures, clothes, beautiful friends and toys to keep any onlooker double-tapping for days. Here are twenty of the most ‘likable’ professional athletes and their inspiring Instagram accounts.

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