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    A Man Worth Listening To: Aaron Sorkin

    You expect Aaron Sorkin to speak in a certain way. His characters, whether President Josiah Bartlet in The West Wing, […]

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    How outrage culture makes the Internet, and the world, go round

    Saturday September 13th, by complete happenstance Justin Trudeau, the closest thing Canada has to a political celebrity, thanks in equal parts to his parentage and his handsomeness, came upon a wedding group photo at the Hilton Hotel in Markham, Ontario. Famous politician that he is, he was asked by the photographer and by the bridal party if he wouldn’t mind posing with them for a few shots. In one picture, he is kissing the bride on the cheek.

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    Boy Gifts3

    13 Best Gifts To Give To Your Son

    Remember when Christmas was all about you? When the biggest presents under the tree had your name on them and everyone stopped what they were doing to watch you tear open the paper? Well, those days are long, long gone.

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    5 Podcasts To Make You A Better Man

    In the pop cultural hierarchy, podcasts—those not-quite-radio shows meant to be downloaded from iTunes—fall somewhere between public radio and theatre. People listen to them, just not as many as it sometimes seems. The reason is that these listeners tend to be the educated, tote-bag carrying sorts who write our blogs and produce our newscasts. Something like the audience of Mad Men.

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    Chris Pine3

    Chris Pine is a Horrible Boss

    Chris Pine might as well be giving me an acting lesson. It’s about motivation. It’s a reminder that for a scene to work, to have thrust and gravity, you need two characters who each want something, ideally from each other. I’m reminded of that famous scene in A Few Good Men where Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson verbally duke it out in a military court. One man wants the truth, while the other resolutely maintains that his opponent can’t, in fact, handle said truth. That scene’s got it all: a power imbalance, competing desires, machismo, drama. You can’t handle the truth! That’s some good stuff right there.

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    How to Wear a Moustache Like a Star (And Not Like an Idiot)

    There are many reasons to attempt to grow a moustache: fashion, rebellion, being stranded on a desert island. But the most valiant attempts happen at a certain time of year, for a certain cause. Say what you will about the ‘stache, Movember is an unstoppable good-cause machine.

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    The Women of the 2015 Pirelli Calendar (NSFW)

    Fifty-one years ago some genius at the Pirelli tire company decided to up the brand’s public profile by producing a high-end, high-fashion, “corporate freebie” calendar, to be shot by the most influential photographers of the time, and include the sexiest women of the moment. Sure. Why not, right? How do you sell more tires? Sexy photos of beautiful women, of course.

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    William Ukoh credit

    The Year of the Beard (and Why I Shaved)

    I was at a launch party for a new beer. A man I had never seen before, a stranger, walked up to me and began stroking my face. Ordinarily, this would warrant a reaction—a deflection of the hand, an awkward syllable uttered in discomfort, a look along the lines of “Why are you touching me, strange man?”—but I didn’t budge. We locked eyes and he pet my face. It wasn’t the first time this had happened.

    Once my beard reached a certain length, strange things started happening. The Year of the Beard taught me a few things…

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