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    Down-N-Out in the South: Searching for Meaning One Burger at a Time

    Before I left LA for Mexico I found myself alone at an In-N-Out Burger in the San Fernando Valley, sitting at a terrazzo table under an unseasonably hot January sun watching traffic rumble by on the Hollywood Freeway. I was thinking about what I wanted. Not sandwich-wise, that was easy: (a double cheeseburger with onions, fries, iced tea), more about life in general. I had left Toronto with a backpack…

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    The New Wearable Tech that Boosts Creativity

    Despite whatever Apple says about their iWatch, the most fascinating wearable gadgets hitting the market are ones that go beyond tallying footsteps and calories. That make you feel and think differently. Call them neuroenhancers—or, if you prefer something that doesn’t sound so ominous— thinkables.

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    Trail Blazer Rx: The Future of Legal Weed in Canada

    Canada’s medical marijuana industry is about to get big. Why one former Bay Streeter has gone all in, and predicts nothing but high times ahead.

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    Athlete Instagram3

    20 Pro Athletes to Follow on Instagram

    Turns out our fascination with professional athletes is not limited to their actions on the field, rink, court or pitch. And thanks to their lucrative occupations and social media’s most voyeuristic medium, Instagram, we don’t have to stop watching when the cameras switch off. Most of these pros have enough flashy cars, adventures, clothes, beautiful friends and toys to keep any onlooker double-tapping for days. Here are twenty of the most ‘likable’ professional athletes and their inspiring Instagram accounts.

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    Timothy Olyphant

    A Man Worth Listening To: Timothy Olyphant

    The first thing you notice about Timothy Olyphant is the way he talks. He’s got this slow, slacker’s drawl, the kind of sun-stained smoothness that’s totally placeless, maybe even timeless — because yeah, he’s a star out-of-time, an old-school workaday actor who just happened to hit it big. That’s how you know him, anyway: as Raylan Givens from Justified, the neo-western psycho thriller based on an Elmore Leonard character, which ends its Emmy-fueled six-season run this month. Or maybe as Seth Bullock from Deadwood. Or as the handsome guest star on sitcoms from The Office to The Mindy Project.

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    The Time for Westerns Has Come. And Clifford Jackman’s Debut Novel Is the Perfect Example

    The western is a genre that seems forever on the verge of absolute relevancy, like stories about superheroes, mob bosses, and sad contemporary white men. Signals from the Wild West get launched every few years, it seems: think Deadwood, Justified, or, in the world of literature, Patrick DeWitt’s The Sisters Brothers, or last year’s The Son by Phillip Meyer. But whether these represent the first salvos of an upcoming cultural onslaught or the last shots of a dying genre is never very clear. And if it’s any indication, the coming Western boom is going to be good. Bloody good.

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    The Seven Best Moments from Seven Seasons of Mad Men

    This Sunday night, Mad Men returns with its final seven episodes. Ever. And we’re guessing you probably don’t have a spare 85 hours between then and now to spend re-binge-watching all six and a half seasons as a refresher. (Pro tip: if you get started now and don’t sleep, you just might make it.) You could just check out this cheat sheet we’ve compiled instead, wherein we’ve recapped seven of Mad Men’s most memorable moments, one from each of the show’s seven seasons.

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    Greg Hudson Editor's Letter

    EDITOR’S LETTER: Welcome to Manhood. It’s a Good Place to Be

    Behind me somewhere, tucked between back issues of Sharp and cologne samples, is the first copy of Esquire I ever bought. It’s the June 2001 issue. Jon Stewart is on the cover. This was before The Daily Show became essential viewing for lefty millenials, but things were obviously looking up for him (although, things are […]

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