• Athlete Instagram3

    20 Pro Athletes to Follow on Instagram

    Turns out our fascination with professional athletes is not limited to their actions on the field, rink, court or pitch. And thanks to their lucrative occupations and social media’s most voyeuristic medium, Instagram, we don’t have to stop watching when the cameras switch off. Most of these pros have enough flashy cars, adventures, clothes, beautiful friends and toys to keep any onlooker double-tapping for days. Here are twenty of the most ‘likable’ professional athletes and their inspiring Instagram accounts.

  • WAGs3

    WAGs of the NHL

    There are many reasons to envy the guys who play professional sports. They’re rich, athletic and revered as heroes. They also happen to date and marry some of the most beautiful women in the world. These women are referred to as WAGs (wives and girlfriends) and are catalogued almost as extensively as their male counterparts. We’ve already covered the WAGs of the NFL. Here are the most beautiful WAGs of the NHL.

  • Fantasy League

    How Fantasy Leagues Are Killing Fandom

    Is our obsession with insider knowledge taking the fun out of watching sports?

  • The Best Golf Gear

    Hit the Green in Style: The Best Golf Gear of 2015

    Once the snow melts and grass is visible, one’s mind can’t help but travel to the green of the golf course. But before you let your body follow, you’ll probably need to refresh your gear. Take a look at some of best golf gear to wear, swing and drive on the course this year.

  • The Best Ski Resorts Around the World

    The Most Luxurious Ski Resorts From Around the World

    When it’s snowy where you live, you might ask yourself, “Why would I go somewhere else that’s snowy and cold too?” Well, do you like private chefs and butlers attending to your every need? Spas that are available only to you? State-of-the-art technology at your fingertips? Stunning mountain views and pristine slopes? Yeah, we thought so. That’s why. With some detective work, we found the most luxurious ski resorts from around the world that offer every one of those awesome things.

  • blow_sharp_snow

    Fatherhood: Snow Dog

    I am face down in the snow. It’s a change from the hour I’ve spent on my ass, but not exactly a welcome one. François, my instructor here on Mont Tremblant, helps me up and puts me back on my butt. My thighs are burning, my face is stinging and I wish I were wearing real snow pants, instead of these vaguely waterproof track pants.

  • NFL3

    Can We Fix the NFL?

    A little while ago, on a Sunday mid-way through the NFL season, I went to a bar with a couple friends to catch the late-afternoon games. Like so many pleasures in 21st century life, football fandom requires a certain amount of moral equivocation. I eat meat, sure, but I often spend a couple extra bucks to get the “free run” chicken. This, I like to tell myself, is compromise enough. I consume football the same way—guiltily, hungrily, trying my best to avoid the most obviously immoral products. And so, I don’t cheer for the Washington Racial slurs. I refuse to put accused rapist and convicted asshole Ben Roethlisberger on my fantasy roster. I’ve learned not to applaud when I see the kind of bone-crunching hit that, we now know, leads to brain-trauma and early-onset dementia.

  • Winter Work Out3

    How To Stay Fit (aka Awesome) This Winter

    Before Seasonal Affective Disorder gets its icy, Vitamin-D-deprived grip firmly around the serotonin-producing areas of your nervous system, gear up, buckle down and get out in front of the winter blues. Exercise is one of the best combatants against depression. In fact, a 2011 study at the Cooper Research Institute in Texas (a non-profit research facility dedicated to preventative medicine) showed that just three hours of exercise a week can reduce symptoms of moderate depression as effectively as prescription antidepressants. Here are a few things to make outdoor exercise in winter more tolerable—pleasant even.

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