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How to Travel Like a VIP: Sharp’s Foolproof Travel Blueprint


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How to Travel Like a VIP: Sharp’s Foolproof Travel Blueprint

By: Sharp Staff|August 13, 2014



 Crisp, White Shirts

If there is one thing that no man can look bad in, it’s a crisp white button-up. As Suitsupply’s Vice President, Nish de Gruiter, advises, “Take enough white shirts with you because they work with everything. I’m talking about oxfords, button downs, spread collars – those type of things.” Dress it up with a suit for an important meeting, or down with a pair of chinos for a few libations after work.


American Express AeroplanPlus Platinum Card: Consider this your trusted sidekick, a travel companion that you can rely on (unlike your buddy, who got you both lost the last time you traveled together.) Ideal for the frequent traveler who enjoys the finer things in life, there’s much to take advantage of. Think about your current card and what it really does for you. If nothing comes to mind right away, then that’s a good sign you should be considering other options out there.

4 Essential Items Every Man Should Pack in His Bag

Blue Suit: If you find yourself more familiar with boarding tickets than boardrooms, then you’ll understand that the wardrobe for the man on the go is one that must be versatile. Packing items that will expand your sartorial options is a must, which is why you should consider the classic blue suit. Effortless and easy to wear, it can also be broken down into its separate parts. Casual lunch meeting? Skip the trousers and pair your suit jacket with a pair of simple jeans, or wear your trousers with a crisp white shirt, sleeves rolled up. Which brings us to our next point…

Most Importantly, Make the Most Out of Your Trip

Now that you’ve safely landed, it’s time to check into your hotel. And what place is more synonymous with luxury accommodation than Fairmont’s arsenal of hotels? With American Express’ AeroplanPlus Platinum Card, you’ll have full access to Fairmont’s President’s Platinum Club membership when you enroll and stay any five nights in the same calendar year. Perks include a complimentary night, room upgrades, dining certificates and more, all courtesy of Fairmont hotels.


A Beautiful Watch: What’s one surefire way of assessing a man’s tastes? Look at his watch. Whether your style is more loud and audacious or quiet and unassuming, there’s much you can tell about a man and his timepiece of choice. Make sure you set the right impression with a classic watch that will make all the introductions for you.


While you’re out and racking up those purchases, you’ll also be able to rack up those points at the same time. Using the AeroplanPlus Platinum Card, you’ll get 1.25 Aeroplan Miles for every dollar of card purchases up to $25,000 annually, and 1.5 Aeroplan Miles for every dollar of card purchases over $25,000 a year! Two birds, one stone!


Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge access: Today’s generation of airport lounges are of an entirely new breed, offering the same kind of luxury pampering that you would expect in a five star hotel. Some places are so good, you might just contemplate delaying your flight. Using your American Express AeroplanPlus Platinum Card, you’ll be able to get unlimited access to any Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge around the world. Why should you care? It means you’ll be able to relax and lounge in peace before you board your flight. No crying babies, no crowded seats, no nonsense.


American Express AeroplanPlus Platinum Card: From the get-go, you’ll get a bonus of 40,000 Aeroplan Miles after spending $1,000 within the first three months. Like it enough to refer to a friend, and you’ll get another bonus of 10,000 Aeroplan Miles – winning! To offer a little perspective, 15,000 Aeroplan Miles allows you to purchase just one short-haul round trip flight to anywhere in North America. Aside from this, there’s also a suite of other perks that will make your entire travelling experience that much easier to enjoy. Our personal favourite? Once per year, you can redeem 15,000 Aeroplan Miles for a short-haul round-trip ClassicFlight reward seat in economy class and receive a second Partner Ticket for the same itinerary which allows you to bring along your girl (or a buddy) – because really, who likes to travel alone?

Three Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Airport Visit

Air Canada Executive First / Executive Class Priority Airport Check-in and Pearson Priority security lane: By far, one of the most irritating things about travelling has to be going through an airport. But does it have to be? What if you could eliminate all the hassle and, dare we say, actually enjoy the entire experience? Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to make the entire process more bearable. If you’re flying out of Toronto’s Pearson Airport, you’ll be able to skip any line-ups at security by accessing the Pearson Priority Security Lane via your American Express AeroplanPlus Platinum Card. Once that’s over with, the rest of your time spent in an airport will be a walk in the park.


When all is said and done, there’s nothing better than sleeping in your own bed and being within the comforts of your own home. Using American Express’ AeroplanPlus Platinum Card, you’ll get home that much faster via the complimentary valet service and designated taxi/limo lanes at arrivals.

To learn more about the AeroplanPlus Platinum Card from American Express, click here

Travel Like a VIP

Sharp’s definitive guide to getting the most out of your getaway.

American Express & Sharp Magazine


A Word on Airport Etiquette: You’ve been through the drill before, but in case you need a quick reminder, here’s how to get through the airport drama-free.

1. Arrive early: Worst case scenario, you beat the traffic during rush hour at the airport. Best case? More time to enjoy those lounges.

2. Wear clothes that are comfortable (this is not an excuse for sweatpants in public, gentlemen) and make sense given the circumstances. In other words, this is not the time to focus on your sudden interest in over-accessorizing. The more you have on, the more you’ll have to remove when you go through security.

3. Wear socks! This is more for you than anyone else, because when you’re asked to remove your shoes during security, the last thing you want to do is go barefoot in an area that probably sees the most foot traffic throughout the day.

4. Keep your passport and ticket all in one, central place for easy access. Note that not all passport holders have to be stale or uninspiring. This one from Smythson (pictured) is both a stylish and functional option.

5. Never say the “B” word. This really should go without saying.

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