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The Best Beer and Meal Pairings

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Food & Drink

The Best Beer and Meal Pairings

By: Jesse Gretton|June 4, 2015



The Meal: Burgers

Burgers are probably the number one summer favourite when it comes to barbecuing. Traditional grilled burgers typically have a higher fat content, especially with cheese and bacon, and need a beer that will break through the flavours and grease.

The Brew:

Mill Street Brewery Tankhouse Ale

Enlist Mill Street Tankhouse Ale for the job. It has a nice malty palate and notes of citrus hops that will both compliment and contrast the flavours from the grilled red meat.

The Meal: Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Pulled pork is a spicy hot mess of a sandwich, and who doesn’t love that? It’s best paired with a pale or red ale whose hops can cut through all the spices and seasoning.

The Brew:

Phillips Blue Buck

It’s deep amber in colour, with a crisp finish featuring a delicate hop aroma that can really enhance the sweet-heat flavours of the sandwich.

Check out Phillips’ Pulled Pork recipe here.

The Meal: Lobster

Lobster is one of Canadian summers’ major perks — a succulent, rich delight and a gift from the sea. Resist the instinct to open a bottle of white wine and, instead, opt for a lighter beer varietal.

The Brew:

Steam Whistle Pilsner

Pilsner is a type of lager that’s usually golden in colour and dry and crisp on the palate. Steam Whistle is one of Canada’s best. Handcrafted with all natural ingredients, it has a distinctive hop aroma and a clean finish that pairs perfectly with seafood and the flavours that typically accompany it, like lemon and butter.

Check out Steam Whistle’s recipe for PEI lobster here.

The Meal: Steak

Grilled steaks are irresistible. So don’t even try. Embrace them with a darker beer, like an ale or porter, that’s rich in aroma and forceful enough to stand alongside the tastiest, juciest cuts.

The Brew:

Great Lakes Apocalypse Later Imperial Black IPA

This beer is big (10 per cent ABV), black and loaded with a wonderful array of aromas like coffee, chocolate, roasted malt, citrus and pine. And it finishes dry and bitter, not entirely unlike that wine you left in the cellar.

The Meal: Chicken Wings

If you haven’t tried wings on the barbecue, you need to. Now! Opt for the non-breaded style (we suggest buffalo or a dry rub) and head to the backyard.

The Brew:

State of Mind Session Ale

This hops-forward session IPA is the latest in Collective Arts Brewing core. It has notes of tropical fruit and orange with background hints of grapefruit and pine resulting in a light body and a big taste that are perfect for sweet and spicy flavours. So don’t be afraid to add a little extra spice to those wings.

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