Sharp List: Belmond Eastern & Oriental Express New Year Celebration

Let’s face it: New Year’s Eve is always, without question, the year’s most disappointing holiday. The streets are crammed with honking cars and it takes hours to get anywhere. The parties are exorbitantly overpriced and full of people who can’t hold their liquor. By the time the clock strikes midnight, you inevitably wish you hadn’t gone anywhere at all.

But that’s not going to happen this year. Because this year, you’re going to celebrate 2016’s arrival aboard the Belmond Eastern & Oriental Express, a stately, sumptuous sleeper train that traverses Southeast Asia. For four days and three nights, you’ll live the high life like a turn-of-the-century nobleman—sipping cocktails to the sound of live piano in the bar car and sleeping in an elegant private cabin—as the train coasts from Singapore through Malaysia and on to Bangkok. It all culminates on the final night with a black-tie extravaganza: first a banquet aboard the train, followed by a boozy revelry of live music and fireworks on the beach in Thailand.

Happy New Year, indeed.


Sharp List