You’ll Want to Call Your Architect After Seeing This Bangkok Reno

SIRI House is a prime example of the dichotomous coexistence between old and new. A situation becoming more prevalent in cities due to our era of rapid growth, it results in fascinating urban landscapes, such as this one in Bangkok.

06_Siri House Bangkok IDIN Architects

SIRI was IDIN Architects’ answer to rejuvenate two parallel commercial buildings. The house was created for four siblings, each with growing families of their own — it actually consists of several individual units connected to form a single unified home.

At the core of the home is a massive tree that’s visible from every unit, mimicking a courtyard-styled house. The tree acts as the bond linking each unit to the next, and allows everyone to share a snippet of their daily life.

08_Siri House Bangkok IDIN Architects

The street level space houses one of the siblings’ jewellery business, in keeping with, and making use of, the building’s history and the context of the surrounding area. The living areas above utilize compact space so well that an elevator can access each unit independently.

All in all, this is a brilliant showcase of detailed, well-considered design that not only caters to a family’s needs, but also revitalizes the area around it.

11_Siri House Bangkok IDIN Architects

12_Siri House Bangkok IDIN Architects

13_Siri House Bangkok IDIN Architects

Architecture: IDIN Architects
Photography courtesy of Spaceshift Studio