This Tricked-Out Nautical Sweater Will Make Waves All Summer Long

One of Alexander McQueen’s calling cards was his ability to rethink traditional tailoring and menswear staples, and it’s something the house has continued to excel at even after his death. They approach classic styles with irreverence, pulling them apart at the seams and piecing them back together in new and exciting ways. The brand’s latest conquest? The Breton Stripe sweater.

Alexander McQueen Nautical Sweater

In this case, it’s as if they literally mashed two nautical sweaters together, resulting in an asymmetric, multi-striped version that is unique without being over the top — the traditional navy and white colouring helps to ground it. Perfect for wearing with a pair of khakis and kicks on land, it’s also a fresh enough reimagining that you can wear it on a boat without looking like a cliché.