We’ve Fallen Hard for This Eco-Friendly Costa Rican Mansion

There’s this hole we all go down on social media. You know the drill: you see one thing that catches your attention, which leads to another, and another, and another. Looking for inspiring architectural design can be fun at first, but it quickly becomes like any other research project, mind-numbing and monotonous, with dozens of structures running together in your head. But then, without warning, you stumble upon something truly special, a home that reignites your interest and refreshes your mind — like this one.

17-Casa Magayon_Sarco Architects Costa Rica

Situated in Guanacaste, the northwest region of Costa Rica, Casa Magayon was just completed last July. Costa Rica is notable in their progressive ecological policies, and is the only country to meet all five criteria established to measure environmental sustainability. This is evident in SARCO Architect’s concept: the structure of the home was designed so to keep any alterations to the natural landscape minimal during construction.

06-Casa Magayon_Sarco Architects Costa Rica

Energy efficiency was also considered — only the spaces that are occupied are air conditioned. Though with seven metres of overhanging roof to reduce solar gain within the interior space, there are days you won’t even need air conditioning. The master bedroom and social spaces all open up into an uninterrupted view of the bay.

11-Casa Magayon_Sarco Architects Costa Rica

As with most residences in tropical regions, the circulation between indoor and outdoor space is an important factor. The layout of the house is composed of modules connected by covered corridors, giving the home a more relaxed vibe.

03-Casa Magayon_Sarco Architects Costa Rica

Last but not not least: the bathroom. It’s an absolute stunner. Spaciously laid out, it has a freestanding bathtub and a massive glass-walled, dual-headed rain shower. That fad of showering outside? This shower gives you the experience of cleaning yourself amongst lush greenery and oceanic views with the privacy you actually need.

13-Casa Magayon_Sarco Architects Costa Rica

10-Casa Magayon_Sarco Architects Costa Rica

05-Casa Magayon_Sarco Architects Costa Rica

15-Casa Magayon_Sarco Architects Costa Rica

08-Casa Magayon_Sarco Architects Costa Rica

02-Casa Magayon_Sarco Architects Costa Rica

Design: SARCO Architects Costa Rica
Photography: García Lachner Fotografía