This Montreal Courtyard House Is an Oasis in the City

Designed by noted Montreal architect Natalie Dionne, the stunning Maison en U is — you guessed it — a U-shaped house.

The home is structured around a remarkable, greenery-filled courtyard that acts as a personal forest, wholly removed from the hectic rush of city life.


Dionne harnesses the concept of fluid living between interior and exterior spaces. The courtyard isn’t simply the “outside”— it’s treated as its own room, a central part of the home.


Situated on the edge of trendy Plateau Mont-Royal, the interior accents of the home highlight Montreal’s trendsetting culture.


The use of okoumé wood veneer adorns the interior walls and facades within the courtyard.

The floor of the terrace is made from the same ipé wood, contributing to a sense of unity and seamlessness throughout the entire space.





Photography: Marc Cramer / Katri Pyynönen, NDA Architecture