There’s More to This Quebec City Bungalow Than Meets the Eye

Located in Quebec City, the Kimoli Residence —  designed by local firm CARGO Architecture — is an ingenious reconstruction and expansion of an existing house.

03_Kimoli_CARGO Architecture

The addition, which is housed in a modernist cube of Corten steel, encompasses a sleek new kitchen, light-filled dining and living rooms, and a pair of well-appointed washrooms.

04_Kimoli_CARGO Architecture

All of the spaces are connected by a remodelled hall that offers a wealth of well-integrated storage and comfortable seating options.

Brilliantly utilizing an existing feature of the home — a central atrium that opens up onto all three levels — the architects switched the dining room and kitchen, took down a wall, and replaced an old railing with glass panels. The result is a far brighter and more functional living space.

05_Kimoli_CARGO Architecture

Clean lines and a balance between light and dark tones ground the interior’s finishing details. The statement kitchen is a prime example of the difference that quality materials — like genuine wood veneer, quartz, and granite — can make.

07_Kimoli_CARGO Architecture

All in all, it’s an efficient, attractive upgrade that’ll stand the test of time.

09_Kimoli_CARGO Architecture

Photography courtesy of Dave Tremblay / 1Px Photography / provided by CARGO Architecture