Miles Teller Needs a Comeback. Bleed For This Might Be the Answer.

You know who’s in need of a comeback? Our mans Miles Teller.

After winning our hearts (okay, my heart, in particular) in The Spectacular Now and generating major Oscar buzz for his turn in Whiplash, homeboy caught some major Ls in 2015: he starred in the absolute turdfest that was Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four and was universally labeled a douchebag after mouthing off to the press about his looks (“I’m better-looking than the public thinks I am”), his greatness (he compared himself to Kobe Bryant), and his penis (he told a waitress that a highball glass was modelled after his cock).

So, yeah. MT was down and out for the count, no comeback in sight. You know who else that sounds like? Boxing legend Vinny Pazienza, who Teller happens to be playing in the upcoming Bleed For This.

Executive produced by Martin Scorsese, who we hear is pretty good at movies, the flick tells the story of Pazienza’s implausible comeback from a brutal near-death accident en route to reclaiming his world champion form. And man, this shit looks dope.

The trailer alone will make you laugh, cry, pump your fists, and make you (me) fall in love with Miles Teller all over again. Damn that cheeky grin and charming late ’80s ‘stache.