These Classic Penny Loafers Will Make Your Father Proud

There are a handful of overused phrases that men’s magazines like ours do our best to avoid. These aren’t your father’s _____ is probably the worst of those clichés. Well, we’re here to tell you that these are your father’s loafers. And that’s what makes them great.


Hand-sewn in Massachusetts by Alden — who have been making preppy, time-tested leather footwear for well over a century — these traditional penny loafers are exactly what your dad would’ve worn to class in college. He would’ve known they looked dope (or swell, I suppose, in his vernacular) with everything from chino shorts and a polo to a blazer and slacks, and would’ve worn them accordingly. You should do the same. Take proper care of this pair, made from hardy, beautiful cordovan, and your son’ll be able to keep the style-minded lineage rolling, too.

Images: Leffot