This Paris Apartment Is a Stunning Mix of Modern Design and Classic Architecture

When you imagine an archetypal Parisian apartment, you probably think bright, white, and light, full of classical details and flowy fabrics. Sounds a little too Amelie for your tastes, right? But wait till you see how Paris-based interior designer Laura Gonzalez reinvented this roomy three-bedroom flat.

04-Henri Martin-Laura Gonzalez

Since the existing structure was traditional to a T, it was important to apply a modern twist. This creates contrast between elements: classic French wall mouldings and wood panelling paired with minimalist, textured marble motifs.

This is all then offset with cleaner modern details custom built by Gonzalez herself, such as graphic Hermès fabric chairs, sleek brass fixtures, and a solid walnut table.

03-Henri Martin-Laura Gonzalez

The iconic French doors and windows act as an anchor for the eclectic mix of materials and styles, while the Mondrian-inspired mirrors in the living room and octagonal marble mosaic flooring provide subtle flashes of visual interest.

07-Henri Martin-Laura Gonzalez

Gonzalez managed to strike an ideal balance with this space: there’s a diverse range of pieces on display, but they all work together harmoniously.

The space is elegant and comfortable, classic yet contemporary, with rich, dark tones balancing out the light. It’s the best of the old world and new all wrapped into one.

10-Henri Martin-Laura Gonzalez

Photography: Francis Amiand