Kat Stefankiewicz Is Living The Dream

Kat Stefankiewicz isn’t used to being on the other side of an interview. Usually she’s the one asking all the questions.

“My job makes me feel a little like Jimmy Fallon,” Kat says, laughing. “I do a lot of interviews, but also get to partake in fun skits and video.”

For the past few years, Kat has been leading legions of Raptors fans as an in-game host, post-game interviewer, NBA TV Canada personality, and Jurassic Park brand ambassador. It’s safe to say she’s had her hands full. “I’ve seen games from every side and every angle,” the former Raptors Dance Pak captain says.

While most of us might think it would be near impossible to top the Raptors’ ride last season, she can’t wait for it to start all over again.

“Being able to showcase the amazing fans we have in Toronto as well as talk to some of the biggest names in the game is such a dream job,” says Kat.


What is your worst habit?

I would say worrying. I worry about everything, but I’m working on it.

What was the last song you listened to?

Fast Car, but the new version. Jonas Blue featuring Dakota.

What has been your favourite Raptors experience so far?

Definitely getting to host the All Star weekend when it came to Canada for the first time.

What’s been your coolest run-in with a celebrity?

I don’t get star-struck too often, but at a game once I got to meet Rachel McAdams and I was just such a fangirl. She’s a Canadian girl who went to Hollywood but stayed down-to-earth, I love that. She was lovely.


What is your biggest pet peeve?

It’s so silly, but it’s the first thing that came to my head: when people use your and you’re wrong!

What reality show would you want to compete on?

The Amazing Race, for sure. I’ve even talked about trying out for The Amazing Race Canada.

Let’s say you tried out, who from the Raptors would you pick as your partner?

They are all very athletic but I think Jonas Valančiūnas would really take care of those food challenges. There was one where they had to eat like four pounds of assorted meat including cow intestine, cow udder, and cow kidney…I’d rather jump off a bridge.


Photography by Edison Sigua