Here’s the Cowboy-Approved Shirt You’ve Wanted Since ‘Young Guns II’

You seen The Magnificent Seven yet? If you have, and you’re at all like us, you probably walked out of the theatre dreaming of donning all that tight AF gunslinger gear. As it turns out, though, strolling around with your Wranglers tucked into knee-high cowboy boots and a Stetson with a brim the size of Kansas on your head ain’t exactly the most practical look for downtown living.

But there is one category of cowpoke-approved clothing you can absolutely work into your everyday wardrobe. A classic western shirt is always a good look, and lo and behold, the folks at Buck Mason just dropped a superlative version.


They nailed all the authentic ranch-ready details: dual chest pockets, back yoke, pearl snap buttons and a cotton sateen fabric that has just the slightest bit of sheen. Pull one on with your favourite dungarees, and you’ll be looking handsomer than John Wayne, ready to yell “YEE-HAW” and annoy large swaths of people all over town.