Is This Light-Filled Penthouse the Most Beautiful Apartment in France?

Sometimes, all it takes are a few simple details to make a home look stylish beyond belief. This flat in Marbeuf, France, designed by Laura Gonzalez, hits that point home and then some.


Soothing earth tones fill almost every room in the spacious apartment. The French are experts when it comes to mixing minimalist furnishings with old-world architectural details, and Gonzales achieved that balance perfectly here.


Subtle marble, wood, and copper details are present throughout the home, preventing the space from being overwhelmingly bright and helping to settle in a little warmth.


Textured ceilings draw the eyes upward and make the rooms feel bigger than they are. They also serve as extra decor without adding clutter to the room. Brilliant.

Darker accents are scattered throughout the apartment, but don’t overwhelm the space by any means. The amazing amount of natural light keeps things from ever getting too shadowy.


The apartment’s bathrooms both feature exemplary uses of marble. The first was designed elegantly with marbled walls and floors, contrasted by bathtub tops and vanities in a shiny, standout black.

The other bathroom, meanwhile, is a little over-the-top. A concentrated marble covers ever inch of space (except, blessedly, the ceiling, which provides a welcome break) and is even found inside the sinks. It could come off looking a bit like a funhouse, but its balanced by the rest of the apartment’s understated chic.

Photography: Didier Delmas