The New Planet Earth Trailer Might Just Be the Pick-Me-Up You Need After This Weekend

Oh, BBC One. You know exactly how to mine your way into our black, solidified hearts and make us believe that the world isn’t as totally screwed up as it totally is.

The first trailer for Planet Earth II dropped on the weekend, and it is so epically mesmerizing that we almost forgot about that sentient Cheeto south of the border. That’s a powerful one minute video.

Narrated once again by the soothing voice of David Attenborough, the series will go through its usual paces to show us the insanely amazing world that we live in and insist on fucking up on an almost-daily basis. Prepare to have duelling eagles, jumping jungle cats, and swimming sloths take your breath away.

Except for the monkey who stole someone’s orange juice. That guy is a dick.