Cristina Rosato Would Like to Keep Santa at Arm’s Length

Not everyone has warm, fuzzy Christmas memories. Just look at John McClane: poor guy had two Christmases in a row spoiled by criminals. He’d probably get more enjoyment out of a holiday movie like Bad Santa than It’s A Wonderful Life.

Cristina Rosato can’t exactly relate to a terrorist-ridden holiday season, but she has some complicated feelings about Santa Claus. Which is apt, since she’ll be starring in Bad Santa 2, which hits theatres November 23rd. As a child, Rosato constantly questioned the big guy in the red suit. And it stuck with her.

“I was terrified of Santa,” she laughs. “When I was younger I was very skeptical of how he could visit all the malls in one month. No way he had time for that! I was suspicious, but also totally scared about his powers.”

With Christmas still in the distant future (let’s pretend), Rosato is sure that anyone with mixed feelings about the holiday will enjoy the crap out of Bad Santa 2.

“Everyone on set was hilarious just as themselves,” she says. “Then it would be time to film and it just got funnier. It’s a perfect addition to the season.”


What is your worst habit?

Checking Instagram when I’m really tired right before bed. I know everyone does that, but I try not to do it and go to sleep early. Then half an hour later, I’m like, “Why am I doing this!” I try to stop it and I go to set my alarm, and all of a sudden I’m on social media again.

What is your favourite lie to tell people?

Probably that I’m not really afraid of flying. I never used to be afraid of flying, but now I fly so often and you hear about so many things and I just start getting terrified sometimes.

What is your favourite holiday memory?

When I think of the holidays I think of my grandparents house. We used to have these huge Christmases with like 30 or 40 people. The fireplace would be going and all our homemade Italian food would be out. I was really young, but those are still some of my favourite memories. Just good ol’ comfy, cozy memories.


What is your favourite holiday movie?

Well, Bad Santa is definitely one of my favourite holiday movies. And Home Alone. Bad Santa obviously doesn’t give you the same warm feelings as other holiday movies, but it’s still good.

I read that you do an Owen Wilson impression. How did you figure that out? 

I catch myself doing impressions of people often. When I’m watching something, I’ll just imitate it even if I’m alone. Owen Wilson just fascinates me because he does the same rendition of the word “Wow” in everything he does. They even have compilations online of him saying it over and over. I just love it so much that I just started doing it all the time. I often bust out my Owen Wilson impression. It’s not the same over the phone, because you need to be able to see my face!

What is your favourite dish to cook and what is your favourite dish to eat?

Good homemade pasta with a simple tomato sauce, that’s my favourite to cook. My favourite dish to eat is probably pizza. I really just love pizza. I don’t eat it all the time, but if I could without gaining weight or feeling exhausted all the time, I would.


Where is your favourite place to travel?

I went to Copenhagen for the first time this year, and I’m completely in love with it. I definitely want to go back and explore more of Denmark. They have an incredible food scene. They do farm-to-table fresh produce and meat. They’re doing some really cool stuff out there it’s amazing.

If you weren’t acting, what would you be doing?

My dream is to make olive oil. I’d love to have an olive vineyard and make olive oil or wine or something like that.

Photos by Anthony J. Branco