Here’s Everything You Need to Know About ‘The Grand Tour’

Some say Top Gear was the most-watched automotive TV show in the world. Others say it was the most-watched show, period. (Sorry, Baywatch). And it all ended, after 39 years and 720 episodes, with a fist fight on the patio of the Simonstone Hall hotel in the Yorkshire Dales. Jeremy Clarkson, the most boorish of the show’s three hosts, punched a producer. That was the last straw for the BBC, which promptly fired him and replaced him with Joey from Friends.

But, with all due respect to Mr. LeBlanc, there’s good news! If you want to watch three old men behaving badly with cars, Amazon Prime has you covered. The company, best known for same-day toilet-paper delivery and the award-winning Transparent, has hired Clarkson and his long-time co-hosts James May and Richard Hammond to do a new show called The Grand Tour. And it is every bit as delightful as the original.