This Polar Bear Patting a Dog Is Hands-Down the Best Thing You’ll See Today

If you’re a relatively regular reader of this website, it should be pretty obvious that we appreciate a good “adorable animal doing anything at all” video around these parts. Pretty damn obvious, we’d say.

And yet, despite all of the “aww”-inducing tomfoolery we’ve posted in the past, we think we might have finally reached the apex of animal-related cuteness.

While chilling in Churchill, Manitoba, David De Muelles recorded a polar bear (!) approaching his leashed dog (!!) to pet him (!!!) in the gentlest way a polar bear could possibly do so. The dog allows it, the bear loves it, our hearts are all growing bigger and our eyes are tearing up more with every passing second. It is unclear from this video if the two are wearing matching BFF necklaces, but I think we can all agree that they deserve a pair.

We won’t rest until these two are officially cast as the next True Detective duo.