This Invisible Home Lets Nature Take Centre Stage

You might think that the most innovative aspect of Austria’s Casa Invisible is its ability to disappear into its surroundings, but it is the home’s groundbreaking mobility that makes it so special.,270_selected_002

Dubbed a ‘flexible housing unit’, Casa Invisible can be easily placed, built, disassembled, and moved as the owner sees fit. Designed by Delugan Meissl Associated Architects, the deconstructable home is a cozy alternative to the critical housing situation faced the world over.,270_selected_008

The original unit is compact, measuring in at 14.50 x 3.50 meters once built, but multiple add-ons can be constructed. Every part of the interior (design and even texture) can be chosen by the buyer, making the options for a unique home absolutely endless.,270_selected_019

The mirrored exterior of the home, possibly its most unique and eye-catching (if you can) feature allows whichever environment it’s placed in to appear undisturbed and uncluttered.,270_selected_023

It’s an inspired idea: in choosing a gorgeous landscape to set your home up in, it goes without saying that you’d want it to remain as unaffected as possible. A large ostentatious home wouldn’t be the best route to take.,270_selected_027

Casa Invisible delivers on its promise and allows the natural vistas to take centre stage, while keeping you and your family in the utmost comfort, able to enjoy those views without making too much of a commitment to them.,270_selected_028,270_selected_013

Photography: Christian Brandstätter