Save Your Skin From Winter Dryness With These Foolproof Tricks

There’s a reason this season is called Old Man Winter. Cold, dry air – the kind we get a lot of around these parts – leaves nearly every part of your body chapped and dehydrated, which can sure make your skin look and feel old. Here are some of the best products for keeping you moisturized, conditioned, and controlled from head to toe, all winter long.

Sulwhasoo Essential Skin Refiner


South Korea is the undisputed global leader in skincare technology. (Remember that Gangnam Style guy? He’s actually 80-years-old.) The latest Korean brand to arrive in North America is Sulwhasoo, whose Essential Skin Refiner is a refreshing toner that uses Chinese skullcap and Japanese red pine as active ingredients to calm dry skin., $75 

Jack Black Double-Header Shampoo + Conditioner


Shampoo is designed to strip away dirt and oils, a process that also tends to dry out your hair (and is exacerbated by cold weather). This stuff combines a gentle shampoo with a conditioner that uses peppermint oil to nourish your scalp., $42

The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector


The main ingredient in the Body Shop’s Hemp Hand Protector is hemp seed oil, which soothes dry skin thanks to its natural fatty acids and antioxidants. Apply as much and as often as needed., $21

Vichy Homme Idealizer Multi-Action Moisturizer 3-Day + Beard Wearer


If you’re planning on growing a beard for winter you have to reevaluate your skincare regime. Remember, you’re moisturizing for two now: both skin and facial hair. Vichy Homme’s moisturizer works in two ways: aquiabioryl locks in moisture on the skin’s surface, while waxes soften your beard hair. If men talked about things like kissability, this would be when we’d bring it up., $29

Tom Ford Exfoliating Energy Scrub


An exfoliant should be a part of your regular grooming routine, but it takes on an even more important role in winter to help clear away dry skin and promote new cell growth. Tom Ford’s scrub avoids unfriendly plastic micro beads, using crushed apricot seeds instead to remove dead skin and unclog pores., $57

Photography and Styling: Vivian Lai