Campaign Themes Resurface in Trump’s Inaugural Address: Here’s What We’re Reading

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Here’s what we’re reading today.

1. ‘America first’: Donald Trump’s populist inaugural address

“The new president borrowed from the bleak, fiery tone of his presidential campaign, but said his election represented the ascension of the people over politicians in Washington.”

The Atlantic

+1: The government secrets that Trump is about to discover – Politico

+1: Let’s calm down about pages disappearing from the White House website – Buzzfeed News

2. Protestors and police clash in Washington

“Many of the protesters were dressed all in black, wore face masks and carried flags associated with antifascist groups. The protests attracted onlookers who watched the clashes while capturing images on their cellphones. The protests created a distraction from Mr. Trump’s inauguration festivities. Television stations carried extensive footage of police officers clashing with the protesters as Mr. Trump attended a lunch with lawmakers and his supporters in the Capitol.”

– New York Times

3. Kevin O’Leary is a big time donor to U.S. Democrats

“A Gargoyle check of Elections Canada records could find no indication that O’Leary — a multi-millionaire — has ever donated a single cent to the federal Conservatives, dating back to 2006.

“But O’Leary’s record of donations in the United States, where he resides, suggests that he swings in an entirely different direction politically. U.S. Federal Election Commission records show that the star of venture-capital reality show Shark Tank, and ex of CBC’s Dragons’ Den, has been a financial supporter of President Barack Obama, numerous other Democrats and their affiliated political action committees (PACs).”

Ottawa Citizen

4. A Japanese spacecraft has spotted a massive gravity wave in Venus’ atmosphere

“The Japanese probe Akatsuki has observed a massive gravity wave in the atmosphere of Venus. This is not the first time such a wave was observed on the Solar System’s second planet, but it is the largest ever recorded, stretching just over 6,000 miles from end to end. Its features also suggest that the dynamics of Venus’ atmosphere are more complex than previously thought.”

The Verge

5. Lots of corpse flowers bloomed in 2016 and no one knows why

“The corpse flower takes ten years to build up enough energy to bloom, but mysteriously, dozens of them bloomed within weeks of each other in 2016.”

BBC News