You Already Act Like an Old Man. This Corduroy Jacket Will Help You Dress Like One, Too.

Someday, lord willing, I’m going to make a really great old man. I already have a lot of geriatric tendencies: I’m prone to mid-afternoon naps; I think eating dinner at 4 PM is a swell idea; I use words like “swell.” And now, thanks to this killer corduroy spectators jacket from New York sportswear label Paa, I’ll be dressing like a grandpa, too.


To be clear: the fact that this looks like something an octogenarian would wear to sit on a park bench and throw breadcrumbs at pigeons is a good thing. A very good thing, in fact. In the context of your presumably younger wardrobe (shouts to all the 80-somethings cruising the web right now and proving me wrong), the rich, wide-waled chocolate corduroy and throwback snap-buttoned silhouette will be a breath of fresh sartorial air. Layer it over a crisp white tee and your favourite chambray shirt, and you’ll be looking fresh to death (er, sorry for bringing that up, 80-something readers) every weekend from now till summer.

Images: Paa