ICYMI: Melissa McCarthy Played Sean Spicer on SNL, and She Deserves an Emmy for It

Since divisively (to put it very, very lightly) having Donald Trump host an episode in 2015, Saturday Night Live has looked to make amends by absolutely nailing its stunt-casting for a variety of figures in the political arena. There was Larry David as Bernie Sanders, of course. Alec Baldwin has garnered a lot of attention for his portrayal of Trump (especially from the man himself). And now, Melissa McCarthy has joined the fray with a scary-good impression of White House press secretary Sean “Spicy” Spicer.

The Bridesmaids star portrayed Spicer as an infuriated, gum-chewing, water-gun-toting maniac. It was perfect. McCarthy’s performance was so fantastic, in fact, that we nearly forgot she wasn’t the host — that happened to be SNL first-timer Kristen Stewart, who managed to land a jaw-dropping moment of her own.

Watch the clip below, marvel at McCarthy screaming her way through a press briefing, and then join us in counting down the days until she picks up her Emmy for the performance.