We Found the Suit-Ready, Slush-Conquering Boots You’ve Been Searching For

It’s the Monday after the Super Bowl. You’re probably in the depths of post-nacho sluggishness right now. We’re right there with you, pal. In lieu of yet another antacid, here’s a little something to help perk you up: a pair of flawless nubuck hiking boots from Toronto’s Ransom Holding Co.


Combining a sleek, streamlined silhouette with weather-resistant uppers, sturdy Vibram soles, and a crazy comfortable EVA footbed, they’ll keep your feet cozier than those bunny slippers you borrow from your wife and look better with your favourite flannel suit than virtually all of the dress shoes in your closet.

See? Don’t you feel better already? Nah, yeah, us neither. It was worth a shot, though.