Trump’s National Security Advisor Resigns Over Ties to Russia: Here’s What We’re Reading

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Here’s what we’re reading today.

1. Trump knew Flynn misled officials on Russia calls for ‘weeks’

“The White House counsel’s office conducted a ‘review’ of the legal issues and determined that ‘there was not a legal issue but rather a trust issue,’ Sean Spicer said. ‘The president was very concerned that General Flynn had misled the vice president and others. The president must have complete and unwavering trust of the person in that position.'”

Washington Post

+1: Why Mike Flynn’s resignation matters – The Atlantic

+1: Donald Trump said he would hire the best people. Instead we got the Trump administration. – Vox

+1: Sean Spicer just called Justin Trudeau ‘Prime Minister Joe Trudeau of Canada’ – Toronto Star

2. Russia deploys missile, violating treaty and challenging Trump

“Russia has secretly deployed a new cruise missile despite complaints from American officials that it violates a landmark arms control treaty that helped seal the end of the Cold War, administration officials say.

“The move presents a major challenge for President Trump, who has vowed to improve relations with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia and to pursue arms accords.”

New York Times

3. Kim Jong-Un’s half brother murdered at Malayasian airport

“Kim Jong Nam was known to spend a significant amount of his time outside North Korea and had spoken out publicly against his family’s dynastic control of the isolated state.

If confirmed as an assassination, it would the latest in a string of killings over the decades at home and abroad meant to silence those perceived by North Korea’s leaders as threats to their authority, one of the U.S. sources said on condition of anonymity.


4. Facebook is launching an app for Apple TV

“Facebook is coming to your television. The social network on Tuesday announced a new app for set-top boxes, including Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and the Samsung Smart TV. The app will let you watch the same kinds of video you can already find on Facebook, but (presumably) on a much larger screen.”


5. The internet is smoothing sex into oblivion

“Our modern comfort is found in completed tasks, closed tabs, used-up products, and ultimately in the promise of quick, planned obsolescence. This is as true for relationships as it is for consumer goods. Our highest values are smoothness and liquidity. It’s cynical and maybe even nihilistic, but it’s not all our fault.”