Eugenie Bouchard Went on That Twitter Date, and Everyone’s Still Burying the Lede

Remember that Super Bowl bet Genie Bouchard lost a couple of weeks back, where she agreed to go out with some random Twitter user if the Falcons choked? We figured it’d never happen. But, nice Canadian girl that she is, Bouchard made good and arranged a date with lucky winner John Goehrke a mere 10 days after Tom Brady collected his fifth ring.

And what a date it was. Goehrke picked Bouchard up from her New York hotel with a gift in hand and accompanied her to last night’s Nets-Bucks game.

As the two sat courtside, blonde heads touching with gleaming white smiles for the cameras, we couldn’t help but admit: they actually looked pretty good together.

No offence to Bouchard’s IRL boyfriend (wonder how he felt about this date?) Jordan Caron, but we definitely started hoping things could work out between the tennis pro and “a normal,” which is how Bouchard described Goehrke. She even let him plant a smooch on her at the end of the night.

Alas, all good things must come to an end. Just as we started shipping these two in earnest, we took a peek at Goehrke’s Twitter feed, and, well, turns out the guy is a full-blown Trump supporter with a borderline unhealthy obsession with Tiger Woods. Hmm.

On second thought: stick to Jordan Caron, Genie.