If You Love Vintage Denim But Hate the Weird Smells, Levi’s Has Your Back

Shopping vintage can be nostalgic, but it’s often more disheartening — it’s rare to find a gem, and rarer still for that gem to fit properly (and not rare at all for that gem to smell weird.) Luckily, Levi’s has revived its Orange Tab line, which was discontinued in 1999, to help you get your vintage fix.

The whole collection is inspired by pieces that bore the tag in the ’60s and ’70s, including classic Levi’s pieces that balance retro influences with contemporary design. Their famous trucker jacket comes in both bleached white or a vintage blue, while tees feel lived-in, and 510 skinny and 505C jeans are done in old-school washes, but still have new-school stretch.

Check the full collection in the slideshow below or at Levi.ca.