Here’s the Secret to Odell Beckham Jr.’s Glorious, Flake-Free Hair

The New York Giants really need Odell Beckham Jr. Of course they do. The star receiver is hands down, unmistakably, incontestably the club’s MVP (sorry Eli). You can tell why simply by looking at him — he’s always calm in the face of adversity, and always flakeless in the face of big, crazy hair.

Just check the tape from any given Giants game — there’s nary a white fleck on Beckham’s royal blue jersey. After all, those massive shoulders were made to carry many things — his hopes, his dreams, his team, the admiration of his fans — but not dandruff. Clearly, the guy’s been using all that free Head & Shoulders he now gets as the brand’s ambassador (a.k.a. #HeirtotheHair).

Beckham’s been keeping busy as the new Troy Palamau. In his latest spot as Head & Shoulders’ mane man, the 24-year-old pro went undercover at a spa to take some pressure off his fans’ shoulders. After getting situated with their faces down in massage chairs, fans were greeted by their unskilled yet oddly strong masseuse, a gravelly-voiced Beckham, who proceeded to jabber on about their “shoulders of greatness” and “really nice scalp.”

At one point in the vid, one sleuth-like client even remarks, “Dude, your voice reminds me of somebody… Odell Beckham.” That’s when the receiver finally reveals his true identity to the stunned fan.

Chances are the fan also sensed he was in the presence of Beckham’s hair god-level locks, which the star’s been keeping healthy and resplendent with Head & Head & Shoulders with Old Spice Swgger 2 in 1[1]Shoulders’ new 3Action Formula. Inspired by skincare products that contain optimized particles, the shampoo –  which was 12(!) years in the making – packs micro zinc mineral particles that cleanse, protect, and moisturize the scalp, creating a stronger foundation for smoother, more resilient, PH balanced hair. That’s not to mention its other job: keeping your scalp free of flakes, dryness, itchiness, and irritation. What’s more, it’s gentle enough for everyday use, even on colour-or-chemically-treated hair, which works great for Beckham. (He wasn’t born with blonde locks, you know.)

It ain’t easy being the Beckham in sports with the better hair. (Yeah, we went there.) Good thing Odell’s keeping those shoulders clean – he’s got enough on them as it is.