This House in Southern Italy Could Easily Be Iron Man’s New Lair

Let’s daydream, for a minute, about pulling up to this Italian concrete “villa” in an Alfa Romeo wearing a made-to-measure Prada suit. (Let’s also keep this daydream as Italian as possible.)

Designed by Rome-based architecture firm OSA Architettura e Paesaggio, this concrete home, situated on the slope of a hill, is meant to be camouflaged by its surrounding environment, making it almost invisible from the road above. The home is nestled on the side of a hill overlooking Lago di San Giuliano, a lake in Italy’s Basilicata region on the southern coast.


The home is a series of single storey buildings that are connected via courtyards that terrace down the side of a hill, concealed by green roofs. “The vegetation that covers it merges with the surrounding land reducing the visual impact until it is completely cancelled in the view from the top,” say the architects. If Tony Stark lived in Italy, this would definitely be his house — uh, lair.


The super modern and minimalist design, constructed out of concrete, consists of three main buildings. The first structure at the top is your residence. Below you, concealed by the green rooftops, are two separate guest homes with private verandas. There’s a terrace that separates the main residence from the guest homes; that’s where you’ll find a pair of swimming pools overlooking the hill.


The home is built on the hill’s northeastern face, meaning you’ll get ample views of the lake below. The massive floor-to-ceiling windows don’t hurt either.

The interior of the home is finished in high-gloss flooring, complimenting the industrial aesthetic of the board-marked concrete walls. To juxtapose this, the architects implemented pale timber furnishings to keep the home warm — as much as we want this to be a superhero lair, it’s still, technically, a family residence.