How to Build, and Invest in, a Badass Art Collection

An incredible art collection shouldn’t only be an investment — it should speak to a man’s impeccable curatorial eye. So, where to start? We have you covered.

1. Discover what speaks to you. Do particular eras, movements, styles, or regions stick out to you? Find out. Visit galleries and schools, and research what’s meaningful to you.

2. Develop a theme. Your collection should be bigger than any single piece of art. Figure out a narrative, and understand how each piece contributes to it.

3. Start building. And don’t immediately splurge on a showpiece. Start at cheaper art fairs, or better yet, at art-school exhibits. You may catch a phenomenal artist on the upswing — and score a soon-to-be masterpiece for cheap.

4. Document your art. Keep stock of certificates of authenticity, gallery cards, and the value of your work. And not simply for selling purposes — it feeds into the history of your collection.

5. Open a gallery. Just kidding. Well, not really.