The Best Spring Colognes for the Traveling Man

Spring’s newest scents are inspired by the furthest reaches of the globe.

Dior Sauvage 


It’s all in the title. Led by notes of pepper and bergamot, Dior’s signature scent is for those who dream of getting lost in the wild.


Armani Acqua di Giò Absolu


This new take on Acqua di Giò features Guatemalan patchouli, which contrasts the strength of wood with a soft splash of water.


L’Homme Prada L’Eau 


Amber, iris, red ginger, and neroli make for a reviving spritz that’s Italian sophistication at its finest.


Hugo Boss Urban Journey 

Urban Journey harnesses Himalayan whorlflower and heart notes of black tea, igniting a sense of curiosity wherever you are.

Feature Image: Natasha V.