This $33,700 Gaucho Grill Is Worth Every Penny

In Argentine-style cooking, wood fire is an essential ingredient. It’s easy to see why — when your charred calamari is served still smelling of oak and applewood, it simply tastes better. What’s more, there’s something about working with wood, flames, and meat that’s instinctually satisfying (and just plain old fun). To that end, Kalamazoo’s K750GS Gaucho Grill is inspired by Argentina’s time-tested, wood-burning methods — but tricked out with 21st-century conveniences.K750GS_Gaucho_Outlined


Each hand-built, heavy-gauge stainless steel unit comes with a gas starter and a 30-inch spoked wheel that raises and lowers, allowing you to control the proximity to the flame. Hot enough for you?