Levi’s Fall/Winter 2018 Collection Is a Sneakerhead’s Secret Weapon

Chucks, Jordans, Dunks, Yeezys, you name it — sneakers have become an integral staple of the modern man’s wardrobe (and a $19.6 billion staple at that). A statement piece, they are meant to be displayed and highlighted, and pants have evolved to match this trend. Joggers that cinched at the ankles, cropped trousers, and the baggy look all came about in response to the love of kicks. But denim has fallen behind. Until now.

Designed with the contemporary sneakerhead in mind, Levi’s Fall/Winter 2018 collection introduces two new cuts that specifically work to show-off your shoes. The first, coined Hi-Ball Roll Taper jeans, feature a narrow ankle, cropped to sit above the show. These are pre-rolled 2”, providing our favorite casual denim look while giving center stage to your kicks. Sure, you could just roll up your pants yourself, but why leave anything to guesswork?

levis 12

The second, Lo-Ball Stack Taper Jeans, provide an elongated tapered in-seam that sits on the sneaker while outfitting classic sole collectors with that crumpled dude look.

levis 10

Should you be so bold, you could rock these jeans with your Levi’s Air Jordans and take the Canadian tux to unprecedented levels. Either way, from cropped to ripped and logo seam to high-waist, the collection offers every contemporary jean style for the crep-happy hypebeasts out there. Get your faves at the Levi’s online store, and peep the lookbook below.

levis 14

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