Weed Is Legal Now, So Here Are 5 Ways to Elevate Your Smoking Game

Forgive us for being blunt, but your current collection of weed paraphernalia looks like something your college-aged cousin left behind after he crashed at your place for the weekend. And sure, that might have been forgivable back when pot was an illicit substance and we all kept our drug gear stashed out of sight in a shoebox. But in this new era of legalized weed, there’s no reason your one-hitter shouldn’t be as worthy of admiration as a fine whisky decanter. Thankfully, the design community is answering our calls for smoking equipment that brings real sophistication to our recreational drug habit.

High Noon Pipe


Handmade in Toronto by ceramicist Leah Lavergne, this design features a flat base that prevents th pipe from toppling over and spilling bud onto your coffee table.

$70, shophighnoon.com

Wave Lighter


Tsubota Pearl’s faceted aluminum lighter is easily refilled with Zippo fluid, but looks a hell of a lot more sophisticated than your standard gas-station lighter.

$45 USD, shop-tetra.com

Pleasure Point Bong


With its modern geometric form and raw finish, Summerland’s ceramic bong could pass for a sculpture by Constantin Brancusi.

$225 USD, welcometosummerland.myshopify.com

Regenbogen Ashtray


Made of lead crystal treated with a special iridescent coating, this bowl by Berlin duo Gunnar Rönsch and Stephen Molloy makes for a trippy but sophisticated statement piece.

$90 USD, fundamental.berlin

Dot Infinity Grinder


Tokyo Smoke’s credit card-sized grinder features several hole sizes to help you control the fineness of your grind while on the go.

$20, ca.tokyosmoke.com