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Black Mountain Break the Speed Limit on ‘Destroyer’

The Vancouver psych rockers get a new licence to groove with their latest album.


20 Ways to Celebrate 4/20 Across Canada

Now that weed's officially legal in this country, it's time to elevate your plans.


Budding Romance: Valentine's Day Gifts for the Cannabis Lover in Your Life

“Would doobie my Valentine?”

Wiz Khalifa Wants to Get Canada So High

The hip-hop star talks about his partnership with Supreme Cannabis, his blazing habits, and the Canadian weed landscape.



The Manual

Now That Weed’s Legit, How Should I Refer to It in Adult Conversation?

Hippie lettuce? Cheeba? Giggle smoke?

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Weed Is Legal Now, So Here Are 5 Ways to Elevate Your Smoking Game

Upgrade your weed gear to look less dorm room, more dignified.