Where Should I Be Making a Reservation for Dinner in 4 to 6 Weeks?

Definitely not the Cheesecake Factory. Below are some of the hottest restaurants in North America. They’re also harder to get into than an Ivy League college, hence the four-to-six-week lead time. But they’re well worth the wait.

In Toronto:


Quetzal is the latest, Mexican-themed venture from Grant van Gameren, the culinary mastermind behind TO’s Bar Isabel and Bar Raval. The space, courtesy of experimental architecture firm Partisans, looks something akin to the interior of a modernist yacht.

In New York:


Gem is a 16-seat dining room run by 19-year-old chef Flynn McGarry. Yes, that sounds gimmicky, but as McGarry’s dishes attest, the kid is more powerhouse than precious. His 12-course, tasting menu–only service runs $155 USD per person.

In Montreal:


Mon Lapin expands the Joe Beef empire yet again, this time to Little Italy. It maintains the rustic cabin aesthetic of their other establishments while boasting dishes built around garden-fresh vegetables, plus natural wines from all over the world.

In London:


Rovi is the seventh London eatery from Yotam Ottolenghi, that guy famous for making cookbooks too complicated to engage with. Bordered by bright red banquettes, the Fitzrovia resto pays special attention to all things fermented.