The First Trailer for Seth Rogen’s ‘The Boys’ Shows Superheroes on Their Worst Behaviour

Last year, Evan Goldberg told us what it’s like to actualize his 13-year-old self’s fantasies with his BFF Seth Rogen. Today, we get another taste of that tween dream: the first trailer for The Boys, an anti-superhero series produced by the duo. An adaptation of Garth Ennis’ excellent comic book, the show (which will stream on Amazon Prime) follows a group of vigilantes (led by Karl Urban) — known informally as “The Boys”  — and their quest to take down a corrupt group of douchey superheroes named The Seven.

Judging by the trailer, The Boys looks like it’ll pack the same subversive, darkly humorous punch as Preacher —  that other superhero show created by Rogen and Goldberg. An irreverent, flip-scripting take on the superhero idiom is always welcome, but really, I would tune in just to see Gossip Girl pretty boy Chace Crawford (who plays a member of The Seven) get uppercutted real good.

The Boys is set to drop on Amazon Prime Video this summer.