Budding Romance: Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Cannabis Lover in Your Life

The best thing about Valentine’s Day this year? You can be stoned out of your goddamn gourd the entire time and your date won’t even mind. That’s because marijuana — that is, 100 per cent legal Canadian cheeba — has been legitimized. The proof is in the deluge of press releases for pot-themed V-Day gifts — from THC truffles to cannabis-oriented sex manuals to weed lube — that have been inundating our inboxes. So, why not take advantage of this Baked New World and indulge in a little gas (for those unfamiliar with hip-hop parlance, that means “good-ass shit” ) on the 14th? Love is in the air — and the air smells loud.

1906 Love Chocolate

High-end chocolatier 1906 has released this limited-edition goodie — a breakable chocolate heart made with their HIGH LOVE aphrodisiac formulation. It’s meant to be split in half and shared for a nice, mellow, low-dose date night. Along with weed (which is known to get your motor revvin’), the chocolate is laced with some potent aphrodisiacs (damiana, muira puama, catuaba theobromine, and ashwagandha). The company says it “will make your bed levitate.” Hopefully you don’t have any downstairs neighbours.


Foria Pleasure THC-Infused Lube

Why settle for Astroglide when you can buy lube that gets your junk high? This cannabis-infused option is said to enhance sensations while decreasing tension, discomfort, and dryness. It’s also said to lead to mind-shattering orgasms. No word on whether it’ll make you hungry in the sack, a la Costanza.


Kush Queen Love CBD Bath Bomb

There’s a good chance that #wellness influencer she follows on Instagram has already sung her the praises of weed bath bombs. This one was designed to reduce stress and up the romance with 25 mg each of CBD and THC. Get your bodies ripped without lifting a finger.


Double Barrel Vaporizer

You know what they say: the couple that puffs fat vape clouds together, stays together. Okay, so no one actually says that, but it’s still probably true. This shotgun-inspired vape pen is more than a gimmick — it allows you to use two different oil cartridges simultaneously, so you can mix-and-match flavours. It’s got co-signs from the likes of Quentin Tarantino, Puff Daddy, and Ty Dolla Sign. If it’s good enough for Diddy, it’s good enough for her.


7Acres White Widow Strain

It may be 2019, but ladies still love flowers. So get her the dried kind. A wise choice would be the White Widow strain by Canadian producer 7ACRES. A multiple award-winning cultivar, it’s on the higher-end side of the cannabis spectrum — don’t insult her with some discount bunk. It’s also a well-balanced hybrid — you don’t want to smoke some heavy Space Monkey shit that’ll leave you too couch-locked to make it to your dinner reso.


Edibles Cookbook

In case you do get too high to make that reso, you could always spin the situation into a romantic baking date! This book elevates the idea of the edible beyond the standard pot brownie, offering up weed recipes for things like Spiced Superfood Truffles and Cardamom Caramels (as well as a guide to dosage and potency). Hell, you don’t even need a V-Day date to enjoy this. Such is the beauty of weed — it’ll make you happy regardless of your relationship status. Single? Taken? Hungry? Who cares! Get high.