20 Ways to Celebrate 4/20 Across Canada

We’re not going to insult you by attempting to pretend that this is the first year you’ll be celebrating 4/20 just because weed’s now *officially* legal in Canada. But now that the day’s less about practicing civil disobedience and more about taking a post-legalization victory lap, there’s no denying there’s something a little different about this year’s version of stoner St. Paddy’s Day. Which means you should probably be celebrating it differently, too. In other words, it’s time to elevate your 4/20 plans beyond “Melting into the couch while watching Planet Earth.”

Here are 20 ways to celebrate the official unofficial stoner holiday across Canada, from St. John’s to Victoria.

Enjoy an infused five-course feast from Canada’s “leading weed chef”

If your only experience with edibles is overdoing it on a brownie back in uni, cooking with cannabis has come a long way since then. Case in point: BC chef (and former MasterChef Canada contestant) Travis Peterson, who hosts private cannabis-infused dinners under the moniker The Nomad Cook. Dinner at his 4/20 pop-up in Toronto starts at 4 pm (because, well, you know), but don’t expect an early bird special – the five-course meal costs $150 per person, and includes dishes like infused foie gras. (Don’t worry about a repeat of that university experience either; guests’ dosages are individually personalized according to tolerance.)

Relax with a CBD-infused massage

If all you want for 4/20 this year is time to unwind, Ste. Anne’s Spa in Grafton, Ontario offers massage treatments with CBD oil for those looking for cannabis-induced stress relief, minus the high. Plus, there’s no THC involved, so this is probably the sole entry on this list where you could feel comfortable inviting your mom along.

Celebrate with Cypress Hill in Vancouver

Billed as the world’s longest-running 4/20 celebration, 420 Vancouver is going big for their 25th year: Cypress Hill is slated to headline the annual Sunset Beach festival, so you can expect crowds to be huge. And city officials aren’t thrilled; they’re currently trying to scale back the gathering, arguing it can no longer qualify for protest status now that weed’s legal. Good luck.

Let an expert teach you how to roll

Whether you’re looking to learn how to roll the perfect joint or the perfect maki, Toronto Toke Tours has got you covered, thanks to a special class that offers lessons in both. The sushi tutorial goes first to ensure your hand-eye coordination is on point, and a bottle of sake’s included (along with the rest of the supplies).

Go high-king in Victoria

You don’t need to hire a tour guide in order to hit a joint and then hit the trails, but there’s a budding (sorry) tourism industry dedicated to getting stoners off the couch and into the great outdoors. Groups like Canna Tours out of B.C. offer packages that take you straight from the dispensary to Victoria’s best hiking trails, or whale watching, for those who want to live out those Planet Earth eps IRL.

Puff and paint in Winnipeg

Here’s one for anyone who likes to binge old Bob Ross videos while under the influence: Winnipeg’s Kush & Kanvases is offering a “420 Paint Sesh” for those looking to unleash their inner Picasso – or just get high and paint some happy little trees. Essentially a weed-ified version of the boozy paint nights business model, canvases and art supplies will be provided, but the event is strictly BYOC.

Roll in style with a designated (limo) driver

You already know you shouldn’t drive high, but forget playing rock, paper, scissors for who’s going to DD. There’s a number of local operators – like Canadian Kush Tours – who rent out everything from party buses to Hummer limos to help you embrace your inner high roller. Think of it like Uber Black for weed aficionados.

Book a night at a pot-friendly B&B in St. John’s

Basically AirBnb, but explicitly 420-friendly, Bud & Breakfast started in Colorado, then expanded to Canada post-Legalization Day. Now, the site boasts listings for nearly every province, with hosts who can offer guidance on local pot laws, as well as directions to the nearest dispensary (and/or 24-hour 7-Eleven).

Visit one of Ontario’s first pot shops in Ottawa

Ontario is still slowly rolling out its brick-and-mortar stores, but as of April 1st, the province’s first dispensaries officially opened for business. So if the idea of buying weed online still makes you paranoid, try visiting any one of the three new (and perfectly legal) shops now open in the nation’s capital.

Channel your inner yogi in Montreal

First there was hot yoga, now there’s pot yoga. You can find a 420-friendly yoga class in pretty much every major city in Canada these days. Including a special Green Yoga 4/20 celebration in Montreal, so you can combine your tree pose with some tree-smoking.

Party with k-os in Saskatoon

Get back to the man you used to be by re-living Canada’s hip hop glory days: legendary Toronto rapper k-os is headlining a special 4/20 show in Saskatoon, then sticking around for an afterparty that should take you all the way through to Sunday morning. Best of all, it’s for charity: proceeds go to support CFAMM (Canadians for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana).

Get away with Butiq Escapes

Cannabis tourism is still in its infancy in Canada, but travel agencies like Butiq Escapes are leading the charge, thanks to their luxury, high-end and, yes, weed-forward (if you’re into that sort of thing) vacation packages. They created this “Highest of Highs” experience to celebrate Legalization Day, and can help tailor your very own dream vacation, with or without the weed.

Hit the green(s) at Canada’s first pot-friendly golf course

If last weekend’s epic Masters finish had you digging your clubs out of storage, but you’d prefer to enjoy some green while you’re out on the greens, you’re in luck. The former Lombard Glen Country Club in Smith Falls, Ontario has been newly re-branded as the Rolling Greens Golf Club (get it?), a 100-percent weed-friendly golf course, just in time for 4/20. Green jackets (presumably) not included.

Go off-menu in Edmonton

If you’ve never met a plate of food you didn’t Instagram, this one’s for you: curated by Edmonton’s own Daniel Huber – AKA “the Burly Chef” – you’ll spend the day touring the city’s hidden culinary gems trying a variety of off-menu food offerings. And if that’s not enough, the tour ends with an evening laser light show set to Queen. Because of course it does.

Learn how to make your own edibles

Weed may be legal, but edibles won’t be available for sale in Canada until next fall. To help tide you over until then, MakerLabs in Vancouver is offering a class to teach you how to make your own, one of a number of cannabis cooking classes being held around the country for those looking to get in on the latest culinary craze.

Attend a pot trade show in Niagara Falls

OK, sure, spending your Saturday inside a convention centre probably isn’t the most exciting way to celebrate 4/20. But if you’re serious about getting into the business side of Canada’s booming weed industry, the 420 Expo in Niagara Falls is the place to be, with a packed slate of guest speakers, networking opportunities and seminars on everything from edibles to cannabis stocks. There’s also going to be a special appearance by one of the guys from Super Troopers, so you better book your tickets right meow.

Laugh your face off at the 420 Comedy Festival in Toronto

Real talk: stoned audiences aren’t exactly the most discerning audiences, which is probably why there’s so many different 4/20-themed comedy shows scheduled for Saturday. But Toronto boasts the biggest: a three-day comedy festival taking place across four venues (including Comedy Bar), where the city’s top stand-up comics and improv troupes will bust out their best weed jokes. Or, in other words, pretty much just a regular weekend for the 6ix’s local comedy scene.

Rock out at the 420 Music & Arts Festival in Calgary

If comedy’s not your thing, there’s plenty of options for live music happening Saturday, including Calgary’s massive 420 Music & Arts Festival. Now in its third year, the event promises three days of music, local vendors and artists, plus craft brewery collabs, and plenty of food trucks for when the munchies hit. (Which, yeah, smart.)

Chill out among the flowers in Chilliwack

If you’re looking to stop and smell the roses tulips this Saturday, High Definition Tours in Vancouver’s hosting a special 4/20 outing to the Chilliwack Tulip Festival called, naturally, “Tokes and Tulips.” $40 per person gets you roundtrip to the annual festival, which offers traditional Dutch food in addition to the aforementioned flowers. As for the toke component? Not to worry, the tour stops at a local cannabis retailer first to make sure you’re in the right head space for a walk through a field of flowers.

Smoke up, then clean up the streets in Medicine Hat

Big 4/20 throwdowns don’t always earn much love from the community (see: everything going on in Vancouver right now), but Medicine Hat’s newest annual celebration is looking to change all that, combating the lazy stoner stereotype via some good old-fashioned civic duty. Now in its second year, smokers gather to light up, then clean up the city, picking up trash in and around the downtown core. Which, honestly, is kind of a great idea no matter where you live.