4 New Comedy Specials That’ll Make You Snort-Laugh

If you’ve finished binging Stranger Things Season Three (and we know you have) then you’re probably looking for something else to watch this summer. Lucky for you, we’re in the golden age of the comedy special. Consider: demand is so high for new stand-up sets that Netflix alone is churning out one new special a week. So, amid the overwhelming amount of funny (and not-so-funny) content out there, we’ve picked four guaranteed to give you stitches.

Aziz Ansari – Right Now

Coming to Netflix today, Aziz Ansari’s first stand-up comedy special since 2015’s Live at Madison Square Garden (and that whole sexual misconduct allegation thing) was surprise-announced just last week. Other than the fact that it’s directed by Spike Jonze and contains jokes about white people, the special’s been shrouded in secrecy. But Aziz rarely disappoints, and the thing’s worth checking out just to see what Aziz has to say about that…thing.

Whitney Cummings – Can I Touch It?


Whitney Cummings, who created the sitcoms 2 Broke Girls and Whitney, drops her first hour-long special on July 30. It’ll focus on gender relations, what it means to be a woman, and, we suppose, the modern rules around touching…it. Given her sharp writing style it’s bound to be a killer.

Ward Anderson – Kind of, Sort of, Grownup

Coming off a wide variety of critically-acclaimed comedy works — including Sirius XM’s Ward and Al (as well as Sharp‘s former radio show), his books I’ll Be Here All Week and All That’s Left, and tours all over the world — Canada’s Ward Anderson is energetic, offbeat, and hella animated. That’s why we’re excited to see what he’s got to say in his first hour-long special, out today, wherein he ponders marriage, parenthood, and middle age.

Katherine Ryan – Glitter Room

Canadian-born British star (and former Hooters server) Katherine Ryan is a stand-up vet who is proficient in punchlines and hilariously blunt commentary. In her second Netflix comedy special, following 2017’s excellent In Trouble, she tackles being single, school bullies, and Céline Dion. We love us anything Céline-related. It’s streaming now, so pop an earbud in and start watching it now. We won’t tell you boss.