Your Next Hotel Room Might Hang Off a 2000-Foot Cliff in Norway

Have you ever wanted to feel like Sly Stallone in Cliffhanger while going for a dip at your hotel? You’re in luck. Istanbul’s Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio has unveiled plans for a luxury boutique hotel that hangs some 2000 feet over a cliff in Norway. Built within Preikestolen — a steep cliff and popular tourist spot that rises 604 metres high — the most striking feature of the hotel would be the cantilevered glass swimming pool that juts out over the edge of the cliff, overlooking the Lysefjorden fjord below.

This was intended to give the guests the feeling of “living on and beyond the edge.” The studio’s concept imagines the entrance to the hotel on the top of the naturally flat cliff. This would also double as a viewing platform. Intrepid guests would be led down inside the cliff face where the rest of the hotel would be located, carved into the rock. The concept also features nine guest suites and a bar/lounge area where prospective Dr. Evils can meet to discuss world domination.

Finally, the bottom floor would feature the grand pool, anchored to the top floor for support. Studio owner Hayri Atak describes it as “equal to swimming in gravity-free environment.” Sounds like a real piece of work!